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Bianca in Spain

Have you checked out Bianca’s Facebook page yet?


The big quiz night of the year is. on again, on 1st March at Caloundra. You will shortly receive your TC request, and any past members are most welcome to attend what is traditionally a big night for Alex Rotary.

Board Meeting 

There will be a board meeting after this Friday’s breakfast meeting. All members welcome to attend. We’ll be discussing the club projects and plans for year ahead, including social activities.

Guest Speaker on Friday

A few months ago Alex Rotary attended the volunteering EXPO at USC and met with representatives from AIME, who do great work in mentoring indigenous students from school to University. We’re delighted to have Tamika Sadler talk to us on Friday about this important subject.


In a similar vein Sunshine Coast Rotoract have invited the club to attend their next meeting to discuss another WorkLife session to help undergrads transition to work.

Australia Day BBQ

Thank you to Bill B for reserving our BBQ spot by the Alex beach on Friday. As it turned out Bill made friends with the council team who were also up at that ungodly hour to clean the BBQ.

A few brave souls made it to the beach, and Stuart A and Bob L decided to have a “relaxing” swim between Mooloolaba and Maroochydore, arriving surprisingly in good shape at the BBQ as everyone was leaving. “Such is life”.

The BBQ folks were treated to not one but 2 Scottish accents….. as President John’s brother in law David from Glasgow, is visiting the Sunshine coast on his way to New Zealand.

But John need not have worried. Full marks to David who managed to understand most of the Australian accents present. (ouch!)

Cluster Meeting

The various Rotary clubs are meeting on Tuesday night to discuss the Care House and Care Garden Project. Stay tuned.

Fundraising Dinners – looking to get away from the washing up?

Fundraising dinners seem to be “the go” at present.

We have received invites from “The Shack” at Nambour, in aid of local people in need, and also from Sangs restaurant who help out in Vietnam. Flyers below.




February 2018 Roster

Hi Folks,

Here is February’s Club usual, if you can’t make it please arrange replacement.

Chair Person Bob Lane
Set Up Room Trevor Smith
Meet & Greet John Malloy
Rotary Minute Libby Schick
Sergeant Bill Bradley
Happy Waiter Graeme Hight
Facebook Contributor Stuart Aird

Jan 19th blog

Jan 19th blog

Bianca arrived safely 

Bianca has arrived safely in Denia……here is a link to her Spanish Exchange blog. Way to go Bianca!

Club Projects in the year ahead

On Friday Errol took us through the Care Garden Project, and Crisis Care Home Project.

This is a major undertaking of landscaping a large area, and building a functional house for Crisis Care / Youth Justice / Child Services from the local Rotary Cluster group, stemming from the clubs assembly meeting where we spoke about engaging Rotary to “make a difference” in the community. Thus far the support from everyone has been fantastic and we’re hoping that Alex can play a big part in the project. Soon be looking for landscape help from April onwards.

Chris B spoke about the issues around next years Surf Show & Shine. Chris has recommended postponement for several reasons, mostly outside the control of the club, so it may become necessary to reluctantly postpone the Surf Show & Shine for this year. Feedback from all club members on the issues Chris and Denys raised would be great.

A possible positive benefit from the travails of Surf Show and Shine is that it should help the club make a bigger ” splash” with the the upcoming “SunnyCoast Solstice Swim”.…stay tuned for more information from our illustrious treasurer BL.

Golf Day feasibility work is also starting soon with a shout out to Tony Long from Caloundra to see if we can gather any tips / advice from that club.

Club Donates balance of Surf Show & Shine proceeds to Care Outreach

The board made a final donation to Care Outreach of $3,000 on your behalkf, making the total contribution $23,000. Well done all members!

Australia Day BBQ

Don’t forget to BYO breakfast on Australia day, as we’re having a casual breakfast on the beach…what a way o spend Ausralia Day morning…

We’re meeting near the skatepark BBQ’s.

Social Events coming Up

  • Stay tuned for information on induction of Honorary members
  • Stay tuned for social dinner arrangements and 5th Friday details.

ROMAC is coming up

This tears ROMAC quiz night has been set at 1st March. Details below. We’re hoping for another great showing from Alex Headland.

Here’s a note from Bryan Mason.

The time of year has come around again where I seek your clubs support for the ROMAC Trivia Challenge, being held on Thursday 1st March 2018 at Unity College. This year is especially special due to it being the 30th anniversary of ROMAC.

As you are aware, last year being a great success for ROMAC we are endeavouring to get a better result this year with a target of 300 attendees for this event. We would be extremely appreciative and pleased if you could promote this event within your club, and also coordinate attendees. This year there will be tables of 8 available and we welcome friends outside of your Rotary club.

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Jan 12th Blog

Bianca is our latest Youth Exchange Student

On Friday Bianca Aird spoke to the club breakfast group as she is about to begin a very exciting year as the clubs Rotary Youth Exchange Student next week.  After 4 plane flights from Brisbane to Valencia, Bianca will finally be met by her new Rotary family and begin an amazing year of fantastic experiences in Europe before returning to Australia to pick up her studies again.

We are looking forward to reading regular updates of Bianca’s blog and the club wishes her every success in her year of Rotary Youth Exchange.

Bianca is following the trail of a number of very successful Youth Exchange Students from the Alex Rotary club, including our honorary member Fiona Simpson MLA.

Club News

“One good pair of legs between them” 

You could not fail to notice the matching “twins” Tony Freeman (Leg brace / scaffold) and Mike Storkey (moon boot) holding on to each other for support (memories of Hogmanay) at the club breakfast. Tony is expected to make a full recovery from a torn knee tendon, but not until March, and Mike is hoping to have the moon boot off in a couple of weeks. Get well soon.

New roles at breakfast

Errol was our first “happy waiter” on Friday, and Gary is our Facebook contributor for this month. Any contributions / photo’s etc, please send through to Gary, and keep our club Facebook alive by checking us out on

Upcoming events

On Australia Day we’ll be having a BBQ by the beach. Bill B is coordinating this casual get together. More news next week, but basically a relaxing BYO BBQ by the beach …what could be nicer?

On 19th January, Errol & John will represent the club at the local Rotary Cluster meeting to start the ball rolling on the Care House & Garden project.

On 2nd February we’ve arranged a guest speaker from AIME who do some fantastic work with the indigenous community.

Club Projects

Work is starting on the iconic Surf Show & Shine this week, with organisers in chief Chris Baker & Denys Alt getting together to review the project planning. Stay tuned for more details as we head towards another successful community event.

Also the club is keen to follow the success of this event with the second SunnyCoast Solstice Swim, so we’ll be starting on the organising and promote of that event in the next few weeks. Bob L is putting his thinking cap on, and will kick off the process shortly.

These two large projects occur within a month of each other, so we’re looking at the regular Alex Rotary Golf Day, and trying to figure out the best time to hold the event, and how we can attract more golfers and sponsorship. Bill B did a fantastic job last year, pretty much on his own, and this year we’ll try and enlist some help from outside and inside the club to help.

Errol & John are liaising with the Rotary cluster clubs to complete the feasibility of two major community projects, the Community care garden landscaping project, and the much bigger “house build” project for community crisis care. More information on these projects as it comes to hand.

With start of the school year, the WorkLife project is sending out booklets to a number of local high schools, to offer Rotarian help to the students in transitioning to work. Later in the year we’ve been invited to present at the jobs fair. Stay tuned.

As always, if members have any bright ideas, please let the organisers or the board know your thoughts.

Club Social 

With only one “5th Friday” in the next 6 months, the club is looking at having at least one other social evening outside of our “normal” club roster. Mike S is exploring a number of options for a social get-together.

New roles for Youth 

Prue is having a “bit of a rest” which is long overdue as she has been the mainstay of the club for quite a few years with her youth duties and her business contacts, not to mention her personal community involvements.

So we’re delighted to say the Graeme H has put his hand up to be Youth Counsellor for the club, and David W has agreed to be Youth director.

Stuart continues as Youth Officer and represents the club on the District Youth Board.

Rotary News

The Sunshine Coast will have a major Rotary presence this year. The District conference is in April and before that on 18th March, Rotary International President, Ian Riseley, will be on the coast for a Rotary Meeting & Dinner.

You will also have seen the latest moves to rationalise the number of Rotary districts in Queensland, and the Pacific Islands. Stay tuned for more news.



January 2018 Roster

January Roster

Hi Folks, here is the belated roster for the January 2018 that didn’t make the press yesterday ……..Well done to Wallis & the team this morning for their role improvisations under severe time restraints.

Chairperson Wallis Westbrook
Set up room John Malloy
Meet & Greet Denys Alt
Rotary Minute Peter Darnell
Sergeant / Fines session Carmel Hullet
Happy Waiter* Errol Richardson
Facebook contributor* Gary Lynch


* These are new roles for 2018.

Happy Waiter

….we need someone to take the breakfast orders and liaise with the SLSC to make sure everyone orders and gets their order and generally to make sure things run smoothly. Our previous “happy waiter” (Bob Lane) is taking a well deserved break.

PS. I should also mention that this role includes organising the ever popular raffle…that particular activity slipped by this morning, so no freddie frog for Errol or Bob this week.

Facebook contributor

…We need a club member to make a few contributions to the club facebook pages and keep our social media presence “alive”. So as we all at different stages of confidence with Facebook, we’ll start with those most experienced and provide support through training and mentoring till everyone is (reasonably) confident with using the club facebook pages.

Also, at the end of each month, we’ll set up the audio visual to see the fantastic work by our Facebook contributors, and use that as a learning aid for those more IT challenged members of the club … know who you are…..

New Year – New District

We’ve received this update from Alan Stephens on the progress of merging of Rotary Districts in our region…FYI.

Good Morning and Happy new year Presidents.

As you know there has been much discussion regarding redistricting the districts in Australia, attached is a letter from Director Noel Trevaskis re this matter.

The current thinking is that Queensland is to be redistricted to two (2) only districts. This is being achieved as follows.

District 9570 and 9550 will be merged and extend from just North of Gympie up to Far North Qld and across to the border with the Northern Territory, it may also include Part of the NT from Tennant Creek to Darwin.

District 9600, 9630 and 9640 are to be merged to form one district from Gympie to just north of Glenn Innes in NSW and West to the NT and SA border’s. This new District will also include our current clubs in PNG, the Solomon’s and Nauru. In total this new district would have approximately 165 clubs.

FYI RI has put together a committee overseeing the total redistricting in Australia and smaller committees have been put in place to look at specific regional issues, e.g. the tyranny of distance in Qld and how the clubs would be serviced and much work is being done on this as I write.

Also attached is the current proposal document to merge district 9600 with 9630 and 9640 for your attention and action. This document is being sent to every club in the 3 districts this week.

If I can make one comment in that whilst this may seem a big change, it will be for our districts. The clubs will still operate as they have done, the annual district events will continue, as will the training etc and yes you will still get a district bill, one big change will be that with 165 clubs in the district, then I doubt the district governor will be able to visit each and every club annually.

In closing I hope that the next 6 months are as fruitful as the last and we look forward to receiving your responses to district secretary Ian Hope at [email protected] as soon as possible.

Thanks and keep on MAKING A DIFFERENCE.