2nd February Blog

In this weeks blog:

  • Honorary Member Induction at 16th February breakfast meeting
  • Register for ROMAC trivia night on Thursday 1st March
  • Tamika from AIME an inspiration to us all
  • Local Rotary Care Garden for IFYS, Child Services & Youth Justice
  • The Shack host Chinese Banquet 
  • Clean up Australia Day here soon Sunday 4th March
  • Scotty has a new newsletter!
  • Gary L asked to do impossible
  • Stuart A teaches John Facebook
  • Exchange Student  Bianca on steep learning curve in Spain

Honorary Member Induction 16th Feb breakfast

The club has invited 2 community leaders to accept Honorary membership of the Rotary Club of Alexandra Headland. It’s planned to have a short ceremony at the breakfast meeting to welcome them to the club. Please put in your diary.

Rotary Care Garden starting to take shape

Prior to Christmas, Alex Rotary reached out to the community leaders and asked them how could Rotary help them. What were their priorities? what projects could Rotary apply its skills and resources to to help get these projects done? These questions have led to 2 major initiatives, one for the club, and one for the Sunshine Coast Cluster Clubs.

  1. Help at Christmas. We did this through the donation of 400 Rotary Christmas Hampers, and with donations from most of the cluster clubs on board we purchased a Popcorn machine for the “Kids in Care” Christmas Party. This is something Alex Rotary can be proud of and continue to do as a Christmas project, which balances our Club Calendar nicely.
  2. Now we are moving on what promises to be a substantial Rotary Sunshine Coast Legacy Project. The Rotary Sunshine Coast Clubs are planning to landscape a garden for a care house in Landsborough that is managed by Integrated Family and Youth Services for Child Services and Youth Justice clients. These are mostly adolescents who need a supporting environment. Here is a preliminary brochure that we will be using to drum up support for the project. There is no doubt that this project has caught the interest and support of the majority of the Sunshine Coast Rotary clubs in our area, but it is also clear that this will require a MASSIVE effort from everyone. But isn’t that true of every worthwhile challenge that Rotary has succeeded in?

Looking ahead, members of the cluster have also expressed support for building a purpose built care home for the community. Early meetings have confirmed the dire need for such a facility and we are going through a needs analysis which will ultimately lead to the design of a purpose built home for communities who have special needs.

ROMAC Trivia Night. Thursday 1st March at 6.30pm.

We all know what a great Rotary service ROMAC is, and those fantastic Rotary volunteers who perform face reconstruction surgery in PNG. Well, their fundraising Trivia Quiz Night is on again and you can register via the club TC or by contacting any of the board. Alex Rotary has traditionally filled 2 tables, lets try and do better this year.

Tamika Sadler at Breakfast Meeting 

It was great to hear from Tamika on Friday. Tamika is Mentor and Program Manager for AIME, based at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

AIME does brilliant work in mentoring aboriginal students in education, and we saw and heard the progress that has been made over the past 50 years. Mentoring has always been at the core of Rotary, and we will be following up with Tamika to explore possible ways Alex Rotary can help.

The Shack hosts a banquet

Those members who attended the breakfast prepared by the Shack’s volunteers will recall the truly inspirational stories from Dale’s kitchen staff on that morning. Dale and Donna have extended an invitation to the club to attend their Chinese Banquet on Saturday 10th February. You can reply on TC

Clean Up Australia Day

Bob T is leading our involvement in the clean up Australia Day campaign. This is an activity that the club has a long tradition in, and its also a great chance to get together have a bite to eat and meet the other volunteers that will be joining us on the day. You can register your attendance through the club.

Fisher Community Awards

Andrew Wallace MP has invited the club to submit nominations for clubs or people who we consider should be recognised for their community efforts…

Entries are needed before 21st February. Check it out at Andrew’s website.

Here’s the link…Fisher Electorate Awards

Great Stories on Rotary Website

Check out these great articles from the Rotary Website to see what other Rotarians are achieving around the world..www.rotary.org

Facebook drama with Gary & Stuart

Have you ever had the experience where you realise (after being asked a question) that you’ve forgotten something pretty important?

Like …have you got your keys?, or did you lock the door? or did you pick up your daughter from school ?

Well President John had that experience this week when he asked Stuart to be our Facebook contributor for the month. No problem you might think. Stuart said fine, no problem, and asked the quite reasonable question “Hey John, have you set me up as an administrator so I can post to the page?”

Hmmn. It was at this precise moment that point John realised why previous contributor Gary Lynch had been puling his hair out trying to get his photo’s on the website. No administrator access.

Sorry Gazza, been asking you to do the impossible.

Bianca in Spain

Hi Folks, still on Facebook, don’t forget to check out Bianca and her adventures in Denia. Stuart and Karen are very confident that Bianca’s will confidently manage her immersion in the Spanish language and will be fluent in Spanish in no time!


Scotty has a new newsletter

Past President and great supporter of the club, Scott Brimelow has sent us his brand new newsletter. Check out what Scott and his team have been getting up to at :

Suggestions for community breakfasts

Much as we love our new breakfast venue at Alex SLSC, we also like to get out from time to time and support what other groups are doing. We’ve had breakfasts  at Helicopter rescue, Bloomhill, STEPS, Urban Cafe etc.  etc, are looking for suggestions for the next few months.

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