Jan 19th blog

Jan 19th blog

Bianca arrived safely 

Bianca has arrived safely in Denia……here is a link to her Spanish Exchange blog. Way to go Bianca!


Club Projects in the year ahead

On Friday Errol took us through the Care Garden Project, and Crisis Care Home Project.

This is a major undertaking of landscaping a large area, and building a functional house for Crisis Care / Youth Justice / Child Services from the local Rotary Cluster group, stemming from the clubs assembly meeting where we spoke about engaging Rotary to “make a difference” in the community. Thus far the support from everyone has been fantastic and we’re hoping that Alex can play a big part in the project. Soon be looking for landscape help from April onwards.

Chris B spoke about the issues around next years Surf Show & Shine. Chris has recommended postponement for several reasons, mostly outside the control of the club, so it may become necessary to reluctantly postpone the Surf Show & Shine for this year. Feedback from all club members on the issues Chris and Denys raised would be great.

A possible positive benefit from the travails of Surf Show and Shine is that it should help the club make a bigger ” splash” with the the upcoming “SunnyCoast Solstice Swim”.…stay tuned for more information from our illustrious treasurer BL.

Golf Day feasibility work is also starting soon with a shout out to Tony Long from Caloundra to see if we can gather any tips / advice from that club.

Club Donates balance of Surf Show & Shine proceeds to Care Outreach

The board made a final donation to Care Outreach of $3,000 on your behalkf, making the total contribution $23,000. Well done all members!

Australia Day BBQ

Don’t forget to BYO breakfast on Australia day, as we’re having a casual breakfast on the beach…what a way o spend Ausralia Day morning…

We’re meeting near the skatepark BBQ’s.

Social Events coming Up

  • Stay tuned for information on induction of Honorary members
  • Stay tuned for social dinner arrangements and 5th Friday details.

ROMAC is coming up

This tears ROMAC quiz night has been set at 1st March. Details below. We’re hoping for another great showing from Alex Headland.

Here’s a note from Bryan Mason.

The time of year has come around again where I seek your clubs support for the ROMAC Trivia Challenge, being held on Thursday 1st March 2018 at Unity College. This year is especially special due to it being the 30th anniversary of ROMAC.

As you are aware, last year being a great success for ROMAC we are endeavouring to get a better result this year with a target of 300 attendees for this event. We would be extremely appreciative and pleased if you could promote this event within your club, and also coordinate attendees. This year there will be tables of 8 available and we welcome friends outside of your Rotary club.

We look forward to welcoming you to our 30th Anniversary Trivia Challenge.

Rotary Year Ahead

Lots of information coming through from Rotary on the year ahead and particularly the Sunshine Coast conference and Rotary International President Ian Riseley’s visit.

Ian Riseley is coming to town……..

Please let Joy know if you are attending….

New Rotary Theme for 2018

Our theme for this year is “Be the inspiration”….more articles to come….

District News

And now, a few words from the District Governor…
DG John Lane
Happy New Year to everyone in District 9600, members, partners, families, and all those who support our Rotary endeavors.
This time of the year it is traditional to make resolutions and whilst I am not normally a traditionalist (my wife will probably disagree) I thought I would list what I hope for in the coming year and more importantly what I want to achieve or happen for the next six months of being your District Governor.

1.A successful visit by our current World President Ian Riseley in March with functions hosted by Caboolture Club and the Three Districts 9600,9630 and 9640 (refer attachments).

2. A great Conference at Maroochydore 20-22 April 2018.We have a number of inspiring speakers and plan for a fun filled Conference. (See further details).

3.Progress towards a merge of the three Districts in South East Queensland (9600, 9630 & 9640).

4. But most of all that all Clubs succeed with their plans, inspire members and prove once again that we are the Premier Service Organization.

Paul Harris, our founder, was a visionary and was very proud of what Rotary had become.
However he took little credit for this. Instead, he understood, that the strength of Rotary is its ability to attract and energize talented people who believe in its underlying values – people like you.
It is always interesting when you meet other Rotarians, they all have a story as to why they are In Rotary.
Sometimes things don’t work or go exactly as we would like, but we are here because Rotary is our way of life.
I read in the latest Rotarian magazine how an exchange student (now a Rotarian) put it. The Rotary philosophy of life is about helping people. So true.
I hope that 2018 brings you good health, friendship and satisfaction through service as we continue to Make a Difference.

DG John