New Year – New District

We’ve received this update from Alan Stephens on the progress of merging of Rotary Districts in our region…FYI.

Good Morning and Happy new year Presidents.

As you know there has been much discussion regarding redistricting the districts in Australia, attached is a letter from Director Noel Trevaskis re this matter.

The current thinking is that Queensland is to be redistricted to two (2) only districts. This is being achieved as follows.

District 9570 and 9550 will be merged and extend from just North of Gympie up to Far North Qld and across to the border with the Northern Territory, it may also include Part of the NT from Tennant Creek to Darwin.

District 9600, 9630 and 9640 are to be merged to form one district from Gympie to just north of Glenn Innes in NSW and West to the NT and SA border’s. This new District will also include our current clubs in PNG, the Solomon’s and Nauru. In total this new district would have approximately 165 clubs.

FYI RI has put together a committee overseeing the total redistricting in Australia and smaller committees have been put in place to look at specific regional issues, e.g. the tyranny of distance in Qld and how the clubs would be serviced and much work is being done on this as I write.

Also attached is the current proposal document to merge district 9600 with 9630 and 9640 for your attention and action. This document is being sent to every club in the 3 districts this week.

If I can make one comment in that whilst this may seem a big change, it will be for our districts. The clubs will still operate as they have done, the annual district events will continue, as will the training etc and yes you will still get a district bill, one big change will be that with 165 clubs in the district, then I doubt the district governor will be able to visit each and every club annually.

In closing I hope that the next 6 months are as fruitful as the last and we look forward to receiving your responses to district secretary Ian Hope at [email protected] as soon as possible.

Thanks and keep on MAKING A DIFFERENCE.