Rotary Youth Leadership (RYLA)

The Purpose

To bring young people together for an intensive course on leadership and personal development. Our Club is keen to receive recommendations from the community for youngsters who would benefit from such a great experience.

The People

“Everyone at RYLA was there for different reasons, but we all seemed to be on the same wavelength right from the start. I was able to form new friendships and a support network for my everyday life.”

The Program

“I’m not sure I’ve ever been through such an intense, valuable and fun program. All the activities related directly to our everyday lives as young adults – core values, personality types, teamwork, communications, goal setting, time management and leadership; all while having a lot of fun.”


“RYLA challenged me to face my fears, to step out of my comfort zone, and gave me the confidence to deal with unfamiliar situation and deal with different (or difficult!) people.”


“Our district was able to bring three Nations together, creating international friendships and understandings. RYLA also gave us the opportunity to learn about Rotary.”

What is Ryla 2017

RYLA 2017 will be held at the Luther Heights Youth Camp, Coolum Beach, 6th – 12th May 2017 click here for more (

How do I apply?

RYLA applicants can be selected and sponsored by either a Rotary Club or their employer.

All applicants must be approved by a Rotary Club. Clubs can be contacted thought the District website here

If you have any questions, please contact Colleen Caruana – [email protected].

Need to know more?

Check out our page

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Rotary Youth Leadership Award

The Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) is an exciting and challenging training program for leaders and potential leaders between the ages of 18 and 26 years.

Is it for you?

Whether you are an enthusiastic worker, young professional, self-employed or a tertiary student, RYLA provides a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow, have fun and make new friends.

What happens at RYLA?

You will be joined by talented young people like yourself from other communities in your area to participate in a number of activities, ranging from seminar workshops to outdoor challenges. Topics and activities emphasise leadership skills, personal development and citizenship.

Why should you do it?

Those who complete the RYLA program are generally better able to successfully manage their own lives and careers, and make a positive mark on and in their communities.

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The RYLA experience

During the intensive RYLA experience, key-note speakers from various professions and industries address participants on issues relevant to the development of strong personal and leadership qualities.

Participants are given time to reflect upon how this information relates to their situation, as well as participating in activities to put learning into actions.

What skills you will obtain?

At the end of this program participants will:

  • Personal Development
  • Develop an understanding of the uniqueness of oneself
  • Develop lifelong learning skills
    Display appropriate communication skills Display self-confidence
  • Leadership
  • Identify the qualities of a leader Promote team work
    Embrace change

Create an action plan that ensures:

  • The transfer of 5 key program learning’s
  • That creates habits of life-long learning
  • Citizenship
  • Discuss the Purpose of good citizenship 
  • Understand and Promote the values of Rotary