Solstice Swim 
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Whats the swim about?

Its a community charity swim run by Alex Rotary and Alex SLSC for the local Sunshine Coast. This year it's funding programs to save lives, by teaching kids how to swim and water awareness SLSC folks know it as "Community Education".

What swim legs are on offer:

1km, 3km, 5km

How many are you expecting?

We’re limiting the swim to 300 swimmers. Every year the event gets bigger and bigger. The vision is to match the Byron Bay swim which attracts thousand every year.

Is there a minimum age?

You must be at least 14 years old to participate

How do I register?

Directly via this link Swim Registration Link 

When is entry cut -off?

You can register up to one hour before the swim starts, but obviously the later you register the less chance of having the correct size shirt, and the club reserves the

right to close of the most popular swim leg registration at any time for safety reasons. Or whenever we reach 300 swimmers whichever is earlier. 

Do I have to time myself?

If you wish, but every swimmer will be given a number and an anklet bracelet so that their times are automatically recorded. Swim times will be available around 11.45 when we have the presentations.

What happens if I cancel?

You'll be offered a full refund.

What happens if the event is cancelled / postponed?

You'll have choice of refund or participating in revised date. Your call.

Will there be a safety briefing?

There will be a safety briefing before each swim leg in Buhk park next to Alex SLSC.

How much is the entry fee?

$60 for swimmers, and for the sugar babies who need a wetsuit, we're asking for a further $10 donation.

Can I have flippers?

We want to discourage flippers, for safety of other swimmers reasons, we'd prefer you to swim a more comfortable swim distance if possible.

Where are the swim courses?

All swim courses start and finish in front of Alex SLSC - Look for the Rotary Arches.

Do I need a wet suit?

Your call, but if you decide to ...we'd really appreciate another $10 donation towards a charity of your choice when you register.

What sort of training / fitness is expected of me?

We're very much relying on you knowing your capabilities. There will be IRB's and Alex SLSC volunteers on water for all the swim legs. But please do NOT enter a swim leg that you are not comfortable with.

How will I see the swim course when I'm in the water?

There will be an avenue of GIANT buoys leading you into the water and marking the course and Alex SLSC volunteers on IRB's and boards monitoring the swim legs. 

My child is a good swimmer, so can he/ she tag along the swim with mum or dad?

Sorry, we'd prefer no under 14's on any of the swim courses.

Speakers and Club activities
Helping save lives in Uganda. See YouTube video
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Alex Rotary Fees
What does Rotary cost? Our full members pay $150 every 6 months to support Rotary International (RI) causes. The only other cost is club breakfast, which can cost between $5 - $12 at the Alex Surf Club. 
In return you get to hear great speakers, meet like minded good citizens, find out what's going on around the world and local communities. By being part of a Rotary club you get involved in community and youth projects, some of them fundraising. Proceeds from fundraising are donated to  community causes suggested by the members. Some years we have donated  >$25,000 to local community. 
Friends of Alex, who are basically folks who volunteer to help out or attend very occasional Rotary meetings, pay $20 pa.
On joining, there will be a one-off cost for a personalised club shirt and badge. 
Alex Rotary WorkLife Coaching Program 
Rotary helping you transition to work
Here is a link to the complete WorkLife booklet developed by Alex Rotary as a mentoring guide to anyone starting work for the first time. (Also not a bad read for anyone going back into the workforce who would like a bit of inspiration and advice. 
We've also found that local businesses use it as a friendly support for their employees to help discussions along on the importance of work, (and how to be happy at work while making the boss happy!!)
Club Executives & Directors

Welcome to the Alexandra Headland Rotary Club

We meet every Wednesday morning at 6.45 for 7 am breakfast meeting at Alex SLSC.
Guest speakers, catch up with what's happening in your community, amazing beach views, and kiosk breakfast. 
Are you an local community minded person who wants to make positive changes in your neighbourhood and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group who share your drive to give back.
Club News

Young Parents Centre - revisited for makeover

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday for a few hours the Alex and Mooloolaba tradition continued at the IFYS Young Parents Centre in Maroochydore.
Its been a few years since both clubs had a few working bee's at the centre and did up the front yard for the mums and dads and kids, way back pre- Covid.
So it was back to the future when our mate Tanya mentioned to a certain scribe, who was at the centre having his 6th or seventh attempt to erect a "easy to assemble" bookcase, that Tanya mentioned that the yard and side area were looking a bit tired and she had a few ideas. 
So on Thursday Tony and Craig had lots of fun with a power washer, getting ready for the makeover on Friday and Saturday mornings. 
Donna from Mooloolaba was first on the scene on Friday morning (does she ever sleep?) and did a fantastic job on the cubby house (see pics) while Harry, Greg, George, Craig, Tony, Skye, Pam, John and not forgetting Val arriving with her delicious ginger slice.
On Saturday morning Greg arrived with a few aches and pains (no doubt due to his efforts on Friday where he just never stopped) Harry, Craig, Michelle, Graeme, and a certain scribe finished off the painting, while Tony took some pics.
Naomi checked in on Friday to see what could be done to make the centre a bit special, so ideas are buzzing around there, and Harry and a certain scribe had a bit of a think about what we might be able to do in phase 2 when we fit out the shaded area and the renovate front grassed area in July. 
We also want to make a BIG shout out to Nicola and Cam at Bunnings Maroochydore for their amazing help (the Bunnings BBQ proceeds are being well spent) and their interest in what Rotary are doing in their region, also to mention the Bunnings staff who were so helpful when John & Val and Craig went back after we ran out of paint a few times. (doh!)
So we'll be back in early July to fit out the shaded area, and put up murals, and some furniture etc, to help the kids with a shaded play area where they can be supervised by their mums and dads. 
Here's some pics..
The cubby house in 2019.......
....and at the weekend with Skye renovating... 
Graeme explaining to a certain scribe how to use the paintbrush !
Michelle...she's a champion..adding a coat of varnish after George's work on Friday 
George and Tony at the front gate - looks good guys !
Brilliant help from Harry ......the shaded area is a lot brighter ...looks great  yes Pam was too busy with the paintbrush to stop for the photo. laugh
Greg - who never stopped all weekend - he's got to be Volunteer of the month 
The wall that John S & Val prepped and painted (.....over to you Naomi to weave your magic on the wall)
...and guess what's going in here?......
and the finished Ibrox Blue ..with freshly painted fence in the background
and Tanya's team (Gaby & Aleesha) have a video of the " before " to add to the "after" and we'll have a get together after the July makeover with the two clubs to celebrate the great work done at the centre and to admire the fantastic efforts from the two Rotary clubs.

Bob's waiting on the raffle prizes folks

While the swim registrations are coming in our mate Bob is collecting the donated raffle prizes. 
While prizes donated by members are really great and much appreciated, its also hoped that members will spread the word about the Solstice swim among the community and through those conversations with businesses, receive small raffle prizes, and the club will promote their business. Win - win laugh. The more prizes the better. 
By the way Bob, nice touch ...... taking the meeting for a wander down your street during Zoom meetings (??). Nice to meet the neighbours too. It was a bit like 60 minutes street interviews. 

Alex Rotary it's on on the move

Our logo is on the Bash Car which is currently being driven down to Melbourne for the convention 🙂 Great promotion for the club whilst also supporting Variety - the children's charity. 

Art Show Postponed 

The "Ocean as Art" show that the club had planned to boost the Solstice Swim weekend activities has been postponed. It will instead run as a stand alone event, which Naomi and teh team thought might be a better introduction to this initiative. Discussions will start soon on a revised timing and date, and whether we can retain the same amazing venue (Alex SLSC) and then start planning to get this community event off the ground. 
Stay tuned.

School Project Getting Nearer 

On Wednesday President Skye will be having her follow up meeting with Brightwater School to explore how Alex Rotary may be able to support them with a few projects they have in mind. Suffice to say that these potential projects fit very well with a passion that one of our members has to "make a difference" to our community.
Now I know that a certain scribe has always been winging about how various clubs in the region seem to have difficulty in staying with and supporting their nominated schools, and in this case, just to be clear we will be checking in that other Rotary clubs in the region are aware of this project, and if they are interested may join in the club activities. 
The club did the same check around at Nambour when we were invited to help with the Smith Family school mentoring program there too. We checked in with them as we were working on their patch (by invitation.) All good. 

German Club Hanau- Maintal gets in touch 

The club has received an invitation from the Hanau- Maintal Rotary club to become involved in Beruwala Housing Project in Sri Lanka.  Skye will tell us all about it, but in involves helping out and here's a short summary of the status of the area where the club has been helping.
"For weeks now, former District Administrator Karl Eyerkaufer, the initiator of the "Main-Kinzig-Kreis hilft Beruwala/Sri Lanka" campaign, has been receiving bad news about the island state's worst economic crisis in decades. "Mismanagement by the family dynasty that has been in power for 20 years Rajapaksa and the collapse of tourism due to the corona pandemic have meant that the heavily indebted country lacks the money to import important goods," reports Karl Eyerkaufer. You have to queue for days for petrol and gas, and you spend hours chasing survival goods afterwards, like rice, bread or medicines." what do they propose we help them with?
Skye will tell us on Wednesday. 
Trivia Question..what does Sri Lanka mean in English?

Where on earth an I?

Members may recall President Elect Geoff...well apparently he has been spotted on his boat...but where on earth is it? 

DG's visit see newest member of Rotary inducted 

and what's the caption for this meeting?
DG Time Keeler and ADG Bernie were in attendance at our previous club meeting, which was much appreciated by the members as Time has a HUGE area to cover, and still had about 20 clubs to visit before his term is up at the end of the year. Time is well known to the club, and especially his school master peer David Woodrow, as both Tim  and Dave taught at Toowoomba, way back when. 
Tim gave an inspirational talk on making sure that the club was meeting members expectations, and especially making sure that your Rotary Club is known in the community for their projects and activities. (and that DOES NOT mean Bunnings Tim was at pains to say). 
Tim's observed that Rotary Clubs that do well are engaged with the community and looking for community activities to keep members engaged and wherever possible "making a difference" to those who could do with a helping hand, not handouts, but a friendly face and words of encouragement are much more valuable in many cases. 
So the visit was very timely with the new Rotary Year coming up, new Club President taking over from teh amazing Skye (a hard act to follow) and a few more club projects on the horizon for next year, its looking like another good year for Alex Rotary. 

Catherine Eagleson - Mental Health and the benefits of Puzzles

Catherine was our guest speaker on Wednesday morning by the wonders of zoom. Catherine suffered mental health issues from a young age, and has an amazing story nohow she used her situation to create a business and a resource for other mental health sufferers - with means more than 20% of the population who suffer from depression and / or anxiety.
For Catherine it was he grandmother who got her interested in crosswords and puzzles, and so when n 2002 she was diagnosed with bi-polar manic depression and told she would never hold down a job she took matters into her own hands and has devoted her skills to creating 4 series of books on puzzles and articles for The Sydney Morning Herald to help folks with mental health issues to focus there energies on problem solving like crosswords, code breaking, and wordsmithing which all have a beneficial effect in calming the brain and building mental resilience. 
Catherine's website is a portal used by libraries and organisations giving them access to specially designed puzzles, and an initiative called CUSP - catch up solving problems which\h provide fellowship to sufferers as a platform to problem solving. 
Catherine joined Rotary in 2006 and is a generous supporter of Australian Rotary Health and of course "Lift the Lid" ...a derivitaove of the coast "Walk for Mental Health" started by our very own Vicki Stewart, ably assisted by our very own Gary Walsh, back in the day. 
and here's a few words from Catherine,
I have been in Rotary for nearly 17 years, and my vocation is Crossword Compilation/Library Services. I am a member of the Rotary Club of Glenferrie, and hold the position of Secretary of the District 9800 Committee for Australian Rotary Health. Over the last 20 years, I have built a small business called the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency which has led to me creating a niche that I call puzzling for mindfulness/mental health. My aim is to demonstrate to people how the enjoyment of solving puzzles can alleviate anxiety. The presentation will  include information about my lived experience with bipolar disorder, creating Clue Detective and highlighting how puzzles can be beneficial for mental health; including Rotary club service/fundraising project opportunities. 

Why join a club?

Most folks I know give to charity. Couple or more dollars often on an irregular basis. But if they are like me they struggle to know which ones to support. And if they are like me they can let the donations slide. 
So why am I telling you this? 
Because a club doesn't forget, and in Rotary we don't have to decide what charity to support.
Because we have folks in Rotary who run the Rotary Foundation, one of the top 5 most effective charities in the world. (Effective means that more of their dollars go directly to the folks in need).
So delighted to let you know that YOUR CLUB FUNDS have donated $1,000 to the Rotary foundation this week. 
That's a benefit of being in a club. 
Lesson ends.
This email went out to all 500 contacts, past swimmers, kombi owners, supporters and helpers. We're a healthy club at the moment above average membership, but if you know of someone who is keen to "make a difference"...and we all know that its easier to make a difference with club support, then maybe let them know that the Rotary year is about to begin, and to think about membership?. 

Thinking of joining a community club?

The Rotary Year starts on 1st July. This would be an ideal time to join Alex Rotary club if you’re thinking of joining a busy community club. 

Why should I join Alex Rotary? Whats in it for me? 

Well you get this……. and all for the price of a of cup of coffee a week !

  1. Weekly club meetings at Alex Surf Club (Wed 7-8am) ...attend as many meetings as you like. 
  2. You'll be invited to our monthly club socials
  3. You'll hear from our breakfast guest speakers about community issues on the coast
  4. You'll be part of a wider Rotary community and be able to attend Rotary meetings and join specialist Rotary groups such as caravanners, motorcyclists, golfers etc.
  5. You'll help other community associations, such as the one here at Alex, and provide a smile on kids faces at their wonderful "Christmas at Alex" celebrations
  6. You can pass on your work experience to school students and help them transition to work, and you can join us in doing "mock interviews" with students to help get that all important first job.
  7. You can join in Rotary community events such as Solstice Swim and Kombi shows
  8. You'll collaborate with community service provider IFYS on small projects to "make a difference" to the folks doing it tough on the coast. 
  9. You'll help make kids better drivers by mentoring an amazing road safety safety program for local high schools. Google RYDA. 
  10. You'll have opportunities to help local sunshine coast amazing charities, such as SalTy Souls Legacy, Care Outreach and The Board Meeting surf charity
  11. You'll be invited to "Pride of Workmanship" awards night dinners where we recognise local sunshine coast exceptional employees
  12. You'll meet some of the top students at the University of the Sunshine Coast, where we sponsor bursaries
  13. You'll be invited to a huge trivia fundraising night to support medical aid to PNG and surrounding islands
  14. You'll hear from, and be able to question, local VIP's guest speakers from the Sunshine Coast Community at our breakfast meetings
  15. You'll be part of a group that sponsors local kids on International Youth Exchange.
  16. You'll learn new skills
  17. You'll Keep in touch with Sunshine Coast infrastructure developments 
  18. You'll receive regular Rotary "Down Under" magazine, and "GIST" Queensland Rotary community news
  19. If you bring your passion to help others ... we'll find a way to help you.
  20. You’ll be invited to help at Bunnings BBQ …Really? Sorry, wanted to get to 20!!

Contact if you want to know more. Or let us know if we’ll see you at Alex SLSC on Wednesday morning. 

Tara's amazing background and passion comes to the Coast

Great talk an Wednesday from Tara McKean who spoke about following your passion no matter where it leads to. For Tara that meant all round the world, helping to stage major events in Europe and the States, before Covid, which turned out a blessing for Australia and the Sunshien Coast, because that led Tara to return home, and eventually find her way to teh Sunshine Coast.
Still actively involved in organising major business events, Tara has launched self events co, which organises events that help empower young women to realise their goals and promote their passions. Self events are for women who want to be surrounded by other like-minded women and Tara has strong links to teh Sunshine Coast business community as well as women organisations on the coast. 
On a lighter note, regular Jerry Sienfield viewers will recall the story about public speaking. It's true that public speaking generally ranks very high on people's fears. Often higher than fear of dying. Sienfield remarked, "That means at a funeral, your average person would rather be in the coffin, than giving the eulogy!"
It turns out that while Tara is very capable not to say brilliant at events organising, she is a newcomer to public speaking. Indeed this was teh first time she had spoken in public.
She aced it. 

Great turn out from the club at Young Drivers Awareness

HUGE thanks to Patrice, Graeme, Charmaine, Val and John and a certain scribe for helping out at RYDA, and not forgetting the groundwork by Doug and Graham in putting it all together. A fantastic program and most if teh team admitted (not me!) that they will be better drivers because of their assistance to the young kids from Burnside who attended on Monday. 
Apart from the exciting professional driver demonstration, who knows who's the safest on the road (i) Learner (ii) Provisional or (iii) experienced driver?
Well, some might guess it is actually the learner. Maybe you figured out that they are the most careful and always supervised so the stats are bound to show them as the most safest. Maybe you also guessed that the most dangerous are provisionals in their first year. 
BUT did you guess that you NEVER get back to the level of driver proficiency that you had when you ended your learner period?
Volunteer to help a RYDA program and you'll find out why?
Great modules in the RYDA course, a lot about finding out your personal risk profile, and the things to look for in safety systems, roads, cars, heavy vehicles, peripheral vision, music (yes),  driving techniques and brain feedback while you're driving ...well done the RYDA folk. 
But the star of the program was undoubtedly Meghan who gives voluntarily of her time to speak to the young drivers about how she was involved in a horrific crash and suffered terrible injuries.
She talked about choices we make, and her talk from the heart is all about the kids learning from her experience and making the right choices when they get behind the wheel. An amazing lady. 

Founder of UniSC Community fund represents Alex Rotary at Awards Dinner.

The Alex club was well represented at the ScUni Community fund dinner on Wednesday night. Dave Woodrow is one of the founders of the University community fund, and Wendy Gilson - long serving secretary of the fund were there, mixing with the current Rotary and University executives. 
Here's some pics of your favourite people..
Both Wendy and Dave have overseen the awarding of over 60 research bursaries and community grants to post graduate students to allow them to continue their studies. Well done both of you. 
Ian Barnett from Mooloolaba Rotary and Chair of the Community fund, did the honours as MC for the night, and 3 post graduate students were awarded with their grants from UniSC Vice-Chancellor Kate Evans, and DG Tim Keeler. 
The grant recipients were Juliette Savage, for studies into creative writing, specifically revisionist female mythology. There's a novel coming out as part of Juliette's studies on the role of women in mythology.
Grace Smith accepted a bursary to support her studies into peat's eco structure, which apparently can be identified almost 10,000 years into the past. So we can see how the climate on the coast has changed over the year where these peaty areas have preserved the past. Also a certain scribe found out how important those crustaceans provide homes for the other animal life in the ocean. 
Ashley Williams received her bursary for studies into biomedical science in the area of the placenta, specifically how oxygen levels in the placenta cells affect fetal growth and infant development. 
All the students spoke enthusiastically -  and interestingly all women. This theme continued after dinner with guest speaker Kassie Bromley who gave a talk about the teenage brain and her passion of delivering workshops to teenagers and educators called "Brain Charger Workshops".
We were given an overview of how physical growth of the brain structure has been shown to affect behaviour in teenagers. Specifically how the teenage brain doesn't reach full maturity till 25 years old when the limbic and pre frontal cortex structures stops growing. Reassuringly neurons within the brain structure can be regrown by drinking moderate amounts of red wine. (This may have been misheard. Ed.) 
Overall, a very interesting evening, topped off by Wendy and Val grabbing goodies from the raffle run by The Caloundra Rotary Club.  
Well done to everyone involved. 

Email to all swimmers

This email went out to all 400 past Solstice Swimmers, in case you missed some impressive news from Alexa
Hi Folks,
The Solstice swim is only one month away now, and we're drawing in swimmers from Victoria and NSW's always nice to be able to show them the beautiful Sunny Coast and amazing Alex Beach on those crystal clear, glorious mid winter days. 
Also we'll be announcing our "personality" swimmer soon. As our regular swimmers know, we always have a VIP taking part in the swim and showing their support for the community. A certain local "pollie" and Surf Club supporter is also joining us this year. 
In the past we have had Olympians, Cross English Channel swimmers, Community leaders, and last year you might remember the "MoveforLex" campaign and the amazingly inspirational Alexa Leary. 
...and last month case you missed it is Alexa with her parents Russ and Belinda after being announced as a member of the Australian Dolphins team for the World Para Swimming Championships. 
Wow, great work Lex. What an amazing achievement. smiley

Polio Walk - Thank you all  

Not entireley sure whats going on here..something about starting bell for the walk...
..and a note from the prescient Joy..

A lovely Day to Participate in a Walk For Polio at LA Balsa Park

Sunday the 14th of August saw The Rotary Club of Alexandra headland engage in a successful Walk For Polio at LA balsa Park , at Point Cartwright. It was a brilliant day with representatives from The Rotary Club of Maleny; The Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific; The Rotary Club of Brisbane; and the Rotary club of Alexandra Headland  join together  with members of the local community groups,  with the purpose of raising awareness about the affects of Polio and the need to raise some funds, to eliminate this devastating disease, that targets children under the age of five. Our thanks also to the Rotary club of Nambour who gave a most generous donation in support of the Rotary Club of Alexandra’s  Headland’s Walk for Polio.

With some experienced Heart Foundation walkers and a Sports physiologist from the University of the sunshine coast, the walkers set off at a comfortable pace on the wide council path to the end of the breakwater wall.

A lot of interest was generated by costumed walkers one of whom was a Santa Claus.

Dogs came well attired by their owners with colourful collars or a knitted coat. One gorgeous toddler came in a bright yellow jump suit. There were prizes galore for many of the participants. Excitement was the order of the day especially when Santa Claus was spotted by the board riders. 

It was a day which lent itself to making friends and creating bonds with Rotarians from different clubs. 

It was lovely to see families spend time with their children in brilliant Sunshine with spectacular scenery , 

The Rotary club of Alexandra Headland sends out a voter of thanks for the visiting Rotarians from a variety of clubs and hope this event won’t be the last we all get to meet again.

Thanks also go out to the visitors who attended this walk  who  represent our local community.

A vote of thanks goes out to the high proportion of Alex Headland Rotarians who came together and set up for this event in the early hours of Sunday morning, to ensure a great day was had by all. 

Lastly thanks go out to President Skye and Past President Wendy who without their help this walk would not be able to occur.

It was a bonus to have at our walk the District Chair of Rotary Foundation for Polio-  Bruce McNaught, who himself is a survivor of polio. Also thanks to Sue Mackenzie who is  president of New Farm .Sue is also a polio survivor and is on the Board of Polio Australia.


Alex Rotary Mock Interviews, Resume help and work coaching now at Burnside

Steve, Larney, Liana, Jack and Michelle with High School Student 
Alex rotary have had a keen interest in helping kids transition onto work, and have been part of the regular Maroochydore High School Interviews for many years now and are always willing to help out the future of Australia.
We're delighted to have been invited by The Smith Family and Burnside State High School to continue the tradition in August when we've been invited to help the senior students at Burnside in this area.  This will be the first time that we've gone to Burnside and we're excited. We're also looking for potential volunteers to help out on the day with some light coaching on interview skills and resume evaluations from a potential employer perspective. 
Here's what they've been saying about Rotarians passing on their experience at Maroochydore State High School..
"The annual Mock Interviews for Maroochydore State High School year 10 students not only form an integral part of their curriculum, they provide an excellent opportunity for Students to have a practice run at a Job Interview with “strangers” in our community so the actually get to feel some nerves, but more importantly, they gain valuable life experience in what it will be like when they actually apply for that job of their dreams.
The local Rotary Cluster on the Sunshine Coast always proudly supports this event and it’s one I am very glad to be involved with, pulling together between 20 to 25 Volunteers each year to work our way through the cohort. The legendary Morning Tea is a big drawcard for those that have had the pleasure of tucking in and the School usually provides a token of their appreciation with a box of chocolates and a certificate for each Volunteer. The most rewarding part? Knowing we have helped today’s youth towards a successful careers and meeting some of the truly talented up and coming youngsters who you just know are really going places in this world."
If you have an interest in this area, and are available in early August please let the club secretary know on

ROMAC - The stories 

Tony reminded us on Friday why the club has been a long term sponsor of ROMAC and some of the personal stories that he has seen in his 30 years of Rotary. Stories mostly of children who lives have drastically changed for the better after horrific birth defects, injuries and disease. 
The great Rotarians who donate their skills free to the pacific region are often not seen or celebrated. We'd like to acknowledge all the health professionals, general surgeons, GP's, Maxillofacial surgery specialists, Anaesthetists, helicopter pilots, etc. etc. and all members and community workers who volunteer for such a worthwhile cause.  
At Rotary we want to have fun while "making a difference" to our communities, locally and internationally.
However, we're a "can do" organisation..and if you have a cause or program that you want some help with, why not get in touch and we'll see what we can do?
The events that we run and support allow the club to raise money to support some of the many good causes in the community. All of Rotary donations and fund raising go to the community. All Rotarians are volunteers and give freely of their time. Club expenses are kept to a minimum, and the main Rotary Foundation is one of the top 5 Charities in the world in terms of its effectiveness, with the administration costs far, far, lower than many better known charities. 
  • Surf Show and Shine - Celebrating the Coast while helping the outback. We always need volunteers to help run this annual community event.
  • SunnyCoast Solstice Swim - Supporting our Young Veterans and other Rotarian community causes. It's getting bigger every year. 
  • Worklife Program - Rotarians are generally business people who are passionate about giving back. So its only natural that when they see businesses complain that the young are not "work ready", and they see overloaded school curriculums, and stressed out kids going into the workforce that they want to help. So Alex Rotary has been delivering and promoting a program to help first time workers transition to work, in a practical and positive way. Already we've been to high schools on the Sunshine Coast , Rotaract at USC and IFYS community worker work start programs. 
  • Golf Day - Last year we hosted a charity golf day to raise funds for Sunshine Coast helicopter rescue - an initiative started by Rotary here on the Sunshine Coast. 
  • Christmas at Alex - Every year we host a BBQ at Christmas at Alex, to raise funds for our local battlers at Christmas.
  • Christmas Hampers - Last year we gave 400 hampers to the Carers of Children to give a helping hand over Christmas
  • Mooloolaba Triathalon - we're delighted to help the organisers host this event that attracts thousands to the coast
  • Mooloolaba Ironman - For many years Rotarians have managed the gear tent for this great event
  • Clean Up Australia Day - every year we organise a BBQ for our volunteers who help clean up the coastline around beautiful Alexandra Headland

Disability – Death  -- Determination 

Mark is an advocate in supporting those in need. Through a water-skiing accident in early 20’s he became a tetraplegic and through determination recovered but has spent his adult life in a wheel chair. (Prior to the accident he was a State Champion water skier).

The wheelchair did not stop a successful teaching career, ending up Principal of various Qld country and city primary schools before retiring a few years back. But there were challenges … like the principal’s professional development programme being held in the Polo Club in Brisbane where there was only access via stairs. After three years at the same venue, he challenged Qld Education and won …. They now run the development programme in a disability access venue!

He also challenged Qld Police Service after being treated badly by a young police officer. He told us, he was self-represented against Senior Barristers and won the QCAT case!

Following retirement and during his mother’s end of life experience at Hopewell Hospice, he became a volunteer which led to a full-time job as CEO.  Through his determination he managed the hospice and made all “clients” feel comfortable. He even ran “Death Café” discussion groups to allow the hospice clients and their families to open the discussion to ensure greater understanding of what they had generally been through and how they could face their future without fear.

Mark mentored many young kids when life threw the challenges and continued mentoring his friends through Toastmasters. In Toastmasters he faced challenges with determination and ultimately became the World Champion of Public Speaking – a contest that starts with 30,000 Toastmasters at a club level and eventually ends at the World Championship!

Mark continues to share his dynamic speaking skills at events around the world; he also mentors many people around the world who aim to follow similar footsteps (or wheel marks).

While facing challenges of life and Education Qld, he was also the Chair of Disabilities Qld to ensure others in similar situations have successes! 

Mark Hunter shared his stories openly and courageously with us.

Peter Hall and mates come to visit

Dave Woodrow introduced his old mate Peter Hall …. Dave met Peter, Howard George  and others through Maroochydore Rotary and have been personal and Rotary Friends for 30 years about!.
Peter discovered that Urban Angels and Birgit were making meals for the homeless in inadequate conditions, so he acquired a commercial property and fitted it out with a commercial kitchen --- rumoured to be about $500,000 worth!!!  Peter does not seek publicity on the donation or his support and its great to see Brigit again and keeping up her amazing community work that truly "makes a difference."
Urban Angels provide about 10,000 meals a month to those in need …. And one of their offshoots is they run the kitchen at the IFYS Hub down at the stadium. They have three chefs  and ro0tate them to provide a variety of meals ….. including vegan and vegetarian.   They have even convinced some of their charges to try the vegetarian meals and their clients found they were good and in many cases now look for them as a preference!!!
Their neighbour at Maroochydore is Men’s Shed and Men’s Shed grow a whole bunch of fresh herbs, spices and vegies for them.
Alex Rotary know Birgit because she ran the Urban Angels café in Newspaper Place Maroochydore and the club went there at least twice for a vocational visit and breakfast and also a breakfast when we visited Push Productions and Paul Morton in November 2017). For the nostalgic's some pics from not so long ago..
Birgit has agreed that we should come up to Urban Angels for breakfast meeting and vocational visit …. Her comment was give me a few weeks to organise it. This is whats in store if our last visit is anything to go by...

Urban Angels Community Program explained..

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