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Are you an local community minded person who wants to make positive changes in your neighbourhood and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group who share your drive to give back.
Surf Show and Shine now on last Sunday of Queensland School Holidays by the beach at Mooloolaba
is on at the Shorefront at Mooloolaba on Sunday 19th April
Vintage Kombi & SurfBoard Displays
Surfing & Kombi Vendors 
Kids Play area, Food & Entertainment 
Grand Kombi Parade evening of Saturday 18th April 6pm
Beach Cinema Saturday 18th April 7 pm 
Check out our Surf Show and Shine page under "what we do to make a difference"  for more details
Click below to register for the Grand Kombi Parade ONLY
Folks, we're unable to take any more registrations for Kombi's for the Sunday Show, but we'd LOVE you to register for the Grand Kombi Coastal Parade on the Saturday evening 6pm before show day.
Also, anyone registered for Grand Parade goes onto the waitlist for beachfront sites ....use this link to let us know..click on LINK BELOW
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New Year Projects 

Can't believe it's 2020..weren't we supposed to be flying around in spaceships by now, instead of parked in traffic jams on the Bruce Highway?
Never mind, New Year is a time to look ahead with the best of intentions. There was some discussion at the meeting about plans and here's a few of the issues on the go:
Ironman support
Colleen has been gauging the views on the club on continuing to support this event. It appears at this stage that there is a majority in favour, It will be coming up in a few months, so stay tuned for more info from Colleen.
IFYS, Board Organisation, THRIVE, Community  
The relationships formed by the volunteer work and the community is blossoming and its something the club would like to continue to support, and hopefully continue on as a Cluster activity. On Friday some ideas were aired about how we could facilitate providing support and aid to the Sunshine Coast Community
Surf Show and Shine 
After several site inspections in our quest to find suitable venue, it looks like the lower car park (ex Caravan Park) is the preferred venue for Council, and Steve and John are going through the process of Council approvals. Likely to be on Sunday April 19th. 
Drought Relief
The club has a long history if drought relief support, and in 2020 we're sure the demand will still be there. At the end of the year President Mike, Tony and John met with Care Outreach to explore ways to support their work via Rotary grants. We expect information will be coming forward in the next couple of months that we'll bring to the club meeting. 
The 24th January was going to be our next BBQ, but this is the date the Bunnings have set aside for a national BBQ in aid of the bushfires. So our next BBQ will be on Tuesday 11th February quickly followed by another on Friday 28th February. Then in a surprise move, we have also been offered the lucrative Sunday 3rd May (long weekend). 
Solstice Swim 
The swim has become a feature of the Sunshine Coast winter season, and although there has been the unfortunate White Ribbon administration, we will vie seeking ideas for a local beneficiary and to continue our relationship with the Alex Surf Life Saving Club. 

Drought and Bush Fires:

What have Rotary been doing?

The drought has been going for years and the bushfires for months, so what’s Rotary been doing to “make a difference?”
Here’s just some of the stories on how Rotary and Rotarians have been helping out their communities in the face of these personal and community disasters. 
As we’ve mentioned many times, Rotary has the lowest cost funding model. We have by far the lowest admin costs than our nearest Charitable Organisation. 
In other words more of your dollar donation goes directly to the community if you donate through Rotary. 
Also Rotary supports through Projects and encouragement many of the community service organisations…here are just some of the stories behind the funding and projects……
Did you know that Rotary has been supporting the RFS for decades?
But you may not have been aware that Rotary also has been recognising the efforts of individuals through the Rotary Emergency Service Community Awards. Specifically the NSW Rotary Emergency Service Community Award
I enclose extracts from the 2018 finalist article below, where Rotary encourages and supports these volunteers through their actions, volunteering and funding.  
“Minister for Emergency Services Troy Grant today announced 24 NSW and 8 ACT finalists for the 2018 Rotary Clubs and Districts of NSW and ACT Emergency Services Community Awards.
Mr Grant said the expanded awards, which include the ACT for the first time, are a fantastic opportunity to shine a light upon the enormous contribution of emergency services workers such as nominee Alan Johnson from Batlow who has been a volunteer for over 52 years.
“These awards celebrate the outstanding commitment, sacrifice and spirit of service. As a community it is important that we take the time to acknowledge and thank volunteers and personnel who give so much of themselves and ask so little in return,” Mr Grant said.
 “This year’s finalists have more than 600 years of combined service and I thank them all for their exemplary community service.”
Finalists come from the following emergency services agencies:
·       Fire & Rescue NSW
·       ACT Fire & Rescue
·       NSW Ambulance
·       ACT Ambulance
·       NSW Rural Fire Service
·       ACT Rural Fire Service
·       NSW State Emergency Service
·       ACT State Emergency Service
·       Marine Rescue NSW
·       NSW Volunteer Rescue Association.
Commissioners from the NSW SES, NSW RFS, Marine Rescue NSW and the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association will each nominate an outstanding individual for consideration of the scholarship. A Rotary NSW panel will determine the most deserving candidate.

Did you know that Rotary clubs have been involved at grass roots level? 

Here’s a typical story from Rotary Club of Taree….
The Rotary Club of Taree has shattered its bushfire relief fundraising goal of $30,000, reaching more than double that amount within a week.
"We're really deeply touched," said Maurie Stack, director of the club on the NSW mid-north coast.
He said that donations had been coming in from around the state in big and small amounts.
"On Saturday, I picked up an email from a local businessman who wanted to donate $20,000 but remain anonymous. He particularly wanted it to go to people who were uninsured, and there's plenty of those," Mr Stack said.
"On the other end, we've had lots of people give us $100 or $50. My eight-year-old grandson called me the other night saying he'd won $25 on the Melbourne Cup and he wanted to give it to people who'd lost their homes."
The group is working with the other six Rotary Clubs in the mid-north coast council area, as well as the local Lions club.
"Our starting point is to get the names of all the people who've lost homes," Mr Stack said.
A team of volunteers is working to compile that list and the affected residents will then be invited to make a claim.
"Some might choose not to because they're insured, and that's OK; but even those who are insured have suffered considerable losses," he said.
A grant from Australian businessman Dick Smith of $15,000 kicked in as soon as that fundraising amount was reached. While Mr Stack said they were delighted with the amount raised so far, he stressed the need was enormous.
Anyone wanting to support the Rotary Club's appeal can donate here.
The Rural Fire Service (RFS) is welcoming donations through their fund, while may local brigades are conducting fundraising through doorknocks, letterbox drops or at community functions.
The RFS also warned of phony donation requests, saying as a general policy, it does not seek donations over the phone.
(From SMH)


Did you know that Rotary has set up a Queensland Bushfire appeal?

Rotary Bushfire Appeal and Assistance
From: District Governor, Darryl Iseppi
Over the last couple of weeks we have seen the start of one of the potentially worst Bushfire Seasons ever in our Rotary District and surrounding areas.
Some of our members have been affected though fortunately at this stage minimal damage and no loss of life. Our communities have not been as lucky.
I know many of our Rotarians, their families and our clubs are supporting frontline emergency staff and also the support personal and evacuation centres.
My call to those clubs and the Assistant Governors for those groups has been heart-warming knowing they are dealing with it at a local level and are keeping in touch with our Rotarian Families.
I have called upon a number of clubs to be available to provide relief effort to those clubs first affected. The response has been wonderful, and I thank everybody. I ask that we all be aware of the need.
The clubs and Assistant Governors in these areas have been asked to come through District if help is needed and I have promised on your behalf that we will be there. I know we will all do what we can for our Rotary Family.
In addition to this the RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service) President, Treasurer and Project manager have set up a Relief Fund for the Bushfire Victims and Communities. This gives total Tax Deductibility effect to any donation to the Fund. It also eliminates any administration fees being charged. I thank the RAWCS executive for offering to do this.
By going to the RAWCS website www.rawcs.org.au anyone can donate to
Queensland Bushfire Relief Project (RARF*) with number 19-2019-20
  • The appeal will be titled “Queensland Bushfire Appeal”
  • It will relate only to the affected Rotary Districts of Queensland
  • It will be a project in RARF
  • The project is live on the RAWCS website and is able to accept donations.
  • RAWCS is organizing a quick donate button on the RAWCS home page.
*RARF = Rotary Australia Relief Fund)
The project will be managed as a RABS (Rotary Australia Benevolent Society) project for distribution and coordinated by the Queensland Bushfires Distribution Committee chaired by myself with Neil Black as Deputy. It includes representatives for all Districts connected to Queensland that have or will be affected by the Bushfires. Distribution will be to individuals, families and communities affected by the Bushfires.

Australian Rotary Districts Drought Appeal

The highly successful Rotary Australia World Community Service Limited [RAWCS], Channel 9 and National Farmers’ Federation drought appeal closed on 30th September 2018 raising in excess of $10 million. These funds have been distributed direct to farmers and their families.
In October 2018, RAWCS initiated a drought appeal to continue this work and established the Australian Rotary Districts Drought Appeal.
The appeal covers nine Rotary District drought relief projects in the whole area impacted by this severe drought, west of the Great Dividing Range, from far North Queensland to Victoria and South Australia.
The appeal enables donations contributed after 30th September 2018 to continue to be distributed to these active RAWCS drought relief projects. Local Rotarians and Rotary Clubs understand which farming families are doing it tough, and this appeal ensures that this much needed support is received quickly.

Care outreach and Alex Rotary

Locally, Alex Rotary has been a big supporter of drought assistance through the Care Outreach program, and this year we reached out to Bill and Melissa and their organisation to get ideas from team leaders on how Rotary could help their communities through the Rotary grants program. 
We’re hoping to hear back from the team leaders in late January and start working on processing those grant applications to help the long-suffering Queensland Communities. 
Finally, a big thank you to all our supporters in 2019, and we look forward to 2020 in the knowledge that there are great people in our community who continue to help others in whatever way they can, either in a Rotary Club or personally. 

Frontline on the Drought (Warning - Graphic story

On the coast we have "loo with a view"...in drought affected western Queensland they have "loo with a roo" ...or rather several roos...as Bill was telling us that one of the Care Outreach projects was to refurbish a community meeting place, to improve the mental health of those suffering from nearly 8 years of drought.
So with Care Outreach's help the team started to clear out the hall and make the place more secure. But what was that smell? It turns out that several Roo's had been attracted to the the smell of water in the toilet cubicle and had broken into the hall where they had perished, several on top of each other in the toilet cubicle.
The bodies had to be removed (by a pregnant farmers wife no less) and the toilet block demolished and rebuilt.
So next time you hear talk about " doing it tough" think about our fellow Australians out west. 
Pallets ready to go !!
...and their destinations.


Local Rotarians have continued their fantastic work on the Rotary Care garden and over the past few weeks have been improving the IFYS child care facilities in Maroochydore. Some pictures below, and a big thank you from Vicky Meyer and her team for the smiles that we have been able to add o the mums and kids who now have a completely refurbished play area.
So well done everyone involved from Alex and Mooloolaba Rotary and really fantastic to hand over the facility just in time from Christmas.


"Fantastic work, what a difference. It was lovely to hear from Renee and Sheree, who coordinates the program, the reactions from the children to the cubby upgrades, can’t wait for them to see these latest enhancements! 
Thank you so much for all your support."
Vicky Meyer
Executive Manager 
Community Services IFYS
They say its never over till the paperwork is done, and thats true, but we can say that the physical work is done with John & Lol White bring the plants and the poo (don't ask) along on Monday morning and planting out the garden beds. One is a salad bowl, one herbs, and another an interesting mix.
So after getting the plants in, and instructions to Damo to keep them well watered, we removed the temporary fence and replaced with the permanent fence and said good bye to a fantastic cluster project. 
Lol white planting out the garden beds.
As I said on Friday, its been a fantastic project, and could not have been done without the help of Rotarians and Rotoractors, 
So all thats left to be done is the paperwork, and a big thank you to everyone involved. And finally, your club received the Brett Mitchell Memorial TRF grants award at our handover dinner, which we accepted on behalf of the clubs and individuals whoo made this fantastic back yard possible, and left a legacy of fond memories for the kids who will be using it. 

Check out our new Surf Show and Shine web page

So this year we're planning a bigger and better Surf Show and Shine with the help of Sunshine Coast Council and the fabulous folk at Cricks, and of course with a lot of help from our friends at Mix FM and Sea FM and TAPS.  
Check us out HERE

Club Continues to give to drought relief through Kombi and Surfboard Show

Another successful Surf Show and Shine raised $20,000 and its all going into debit cards for farmers and community to spend locally ind right related areas. We're delighted to continue our partnership with Bill & Melissa from Care Outreach and their fantastic local volunteers who do so much to keep up the spirits of those doing it tough out in western Queensland and NSW. The club is well on its way to raising $100,000 from an initiative from Chris and Brenda Baker over a glass of red!
The event continues to be a great success and a worthwhile low cost community event, raising funds to show that the "Coast Cares for the Outback". All stakeholders, sponsors, stall holders, entertainers, volunteers, beneficiaries etc were delighted with the event, and wish to be part of SS&S next year. We're confident that the event will continue to grow and be part of a bigger community weekend with the right support.
The suggestions for 2019 have been put in the members area for now, to be dusted off next year. Most suggestions involve a tweet here and there with the logistics of the event, and of course "more volunteers please"..and there is some support for the ideas around a "Saturday night show" and a "liquor licence" and a greater "surfing and surf board engagement/ entertainment" with a lot more done "on-line" to help our fantastic Kombi's.
Also the time of year for the event next year will be a topic of conversation with the stakeholders.  
We'll be contacting the beneficiaries of your efforts next week, and making arrangements for the funds to "make a difference" to the folks suffering from the devastating drought. 
  • Rotary has changed a lot over he past few years, but it remains one of the largest voluntary organisations in the world
  • Rotary is Non-political, non-religious
  • Rotary's only purpose is to support the local and international community while having some fun.
  • Rotary is an united world wide organization of business and professional leaders 
  • Rotary provides humanitarian service
  • Rotary encourages high ethical standards in all vocations
  • Rotary helps build goodwill and peace in the world. 
  • ROTARY is some 1.2 million service-minded men and women belonging to nearly 27,000 Rotary clubs in virtually every nation in the world.
  • ROTARIANS meet frequently for fellowship and interesting and informative programs dealing with topics of local and global importance.
  • Rotary Membership is by invitation and reflects a wide cross-section of community representation.
  • The Rotary Foundation, is a top 5 effective charities in the world,  providing some $80 million for international scholarships, cultural exchanges and humanitarian projects large and small that improve the quality of life for millions of people.
  • Rotary's largest community program has been the successful eradication of Polio worldwide 
Rotary Myths...
It's compulsory to attend weekly meetings.No, you can attend as many meetings as you like.
It's for old folk. No, Alex Rotary would welcome anyone over 25 who was interested in "making a positive difference" to the community
It's expensive.We try and keep costs to a minimum. Rotary fees are about $5/week, which includes magazine subscription
It's only for men. We welcome women, indeed Rotary has many female Club Presidents.
The meetings are boring.We regularly have community leaders come to our breakfast meetings to keep us up to date on local and international issues
At Rotary we want to have fun while "making a difference" to our communities, locally and internationally.
However, we're a "can do" organisation..and if you have a cause or program that you want some help with, why not get in touch and we'll see what we can do?
The events that we run and support allow the club to raise money to support some of the many good causes in the community. All of Rotary donations and fund raising go to the community. All Rotarians are volunteers and give freely of their time. Club expenses are kept to a minimum, and the main Rotary Foundation is one of the top 5 Charities in the world in terms of its effectiveness, with the administration costs far, far, lower than many better known charities. 
  • Surf Show and Shine - Celebrating the Coast while helping the outback. We always need volunteers to help run this annual community event.
  • SunnyCoast Solstice Swim - Supporting our Young Veterans and other Rotarian community causes. It's getting bigger every year. 
  • Worklife Program - Rotarians are generally business people who are passionate about giving back. So its only natural that when they see businesses complain that the young are not "work ready", and they see overloaded school curriculums, and stressed out kids going into the workforce that they want to help. So Alex Rotary has been delivering and promoting a program to help first time workers transition to work, in a practical and positive way. Already we've been to high schools on the Sunshine Coast , Rotaract at USC and IFYS community worker work start programs. 
  • Golf Day - Last year we hosted a charity golf day to raise funds for Sunshine Coast helicopter rescue - an initiative started by Rotary here on the Sunshine Coast. 
  • Christmas at Alex - Every year we host a BBQ at Christmas at Alex, to raise funds for our local battlers at Christmas.
  • Christmas Hampers - Last year we gave 400 hampers to the Carers of Children to give a helping hand over Christmas
  • Mooloolaba Triathalon - we're delighted to help the organisers host this event that attracts thousands to the coast
  • Mooloolaba Ironman - For many years Rotarians have managed the gear tent for this great event
  • Clean Up Australia Day - every year we organise a BBQ for our volunteers who help clean up the coastline around beautiful Alexandra Headland
The club offers students a transitioning to work a program on how to succeed and to be happy at Work. This is available in coffee - table book form or by presentations from the members by arrangement. We strongly believe that the youth and schools, universities of today will benefit from the practical support and mentorship of employers and employees. If you wish to receive the book, please click HERE or if you are interested in organising a course for your school, please contact the club through the home page address, RCAHsecretary@gmail.com and we'll take it from there. 

Climb every mountain - Here's an inspiring story from one Rotarian in Africa

A Rotaractor ventures deep into her native Uganda with a polio vaccination team as part of Rotary’s newest virtual reality film, Two Drops of Patience

By Patience Asiimwe....As told to Diana Schoberg 

Health workers must have a lot of passion. They face so many challenges to reach every child with the polio vaccine. 

I found that out when I traveled to a mountain community on the border of Uganda and Kenya, 200 miles from my home in Kampala, to join a vaccination team. Just getting to the homes was a challenge, let alone persuading the parents to let us in. We had to park the cars, carry our coolers with the polio vaccine safely tucked inside between ice packs, and move on our own two feet, just walking and walking. It’s a bit of a trick – using your hands to steady yourself while you climb, yet still having to carry this heavy cooler. There were lots of streams and rivers, and at times we had to jump across or walk through the water. 


Read on at this link HERE

The club had a busy year as was reported at the AGM. Again we kept our culture of "making a difference" to our community - Locally - and to lesser extent - Internationally-  by volunteering our time and effort and getting involved in Projects that help the community, while having a bit of fun, and raising funds for local causes who could do with a financial helping hand. 
We have a tradition of supporting the "underdog" causes that may not receive much publicity or just need to know that there are others who care about what they are doing. 
Good examples of this last year - members being able to gather support with in the club to help out their local community with Prostrate Cancer and Ovarian cancer donations, and we also welcomed the opportunity of helping out the local Young Vets with the proceeds from the Solstice Swim. 
We also were able to gather a tidy sum for drought relief, which I understand from Bill and Melissa are being distributed to the farmers and locals in need "outback" via debit cards which are being used locally to help the business outback that are also struggling. So thats a win-win as they say. 
More recently we've been able to bring some Christmas Cheer to The Board Meeting organisation. This is a great organisation made up of local volunteers helping out disabled and disadvantaged kids on the Coast. Their leader Mark Skinner came to talk to us a few months back with some great inspiring stories on how the club had started out small with the intention of helping one child, only to find out that there was a much larger need on the community. This didn't stop Mark and the team, they have grown from strength to strength. So when we rang them up and asked if they would be interested in helping out with the "Christmas at Alex" BBQ, the response was terrific, and we've been able to donate $1,000 from the club to bring some cheer to his fantastic group. 
Check them out at  www.theboardmeeting.org
Thats the power of a club, to see a need and gather support, and deliver some good to a worthwhile cause. 
Another  great example was the solstice swim where we became aware of a club that help our young veterans who needed a helping hand and we all worked together, under Captain Tanya and Corporal Gary to make an event thats now well and truly on the community calendar. 
Projects in 2017/2018
  • Solstice Swim 
  • Golf Day 
  • Surf Show and Shine
  • Community Breakfast Visits
  • Landsborough Care garden
  • Sunshine Coast Council Skate Park BBQ
  • Bunnings BBQ's
Donations in 2017/ 2018
  • Care outreach $23,000 Drought relief. 
  • The Shack Nambour $3,000 (proceeds from Headland Golf Day) 
  • The Young Vets $4,700 (proceeds from the solstice swim) 
  • Rotary Landsborough Care Garden $2,000
  • Ovarian Cancer $1,000
  • Prostate Cancer $1,000
  • ROMAC medical aid $1,000
  • Coast to Bay domestic violence helpline $1,000
  • USC Community fund $1,000
  • Rotoract $500
  • Inner Wheel Caloundra $500
  • Lifeflight $500
  • General community support (STEPS, Schools, etc. misc. )  $2,000
  • Construction of the club storage shed thanks to Federal communities grant
  • Delivery of Worklife program to Immanuel College, Rotary Youth Leadership, Rotoract and RDU International, thanks to SCC grant.
  • The club also made donations to several of the breakfast speaker causes. 
Rotary helping you transition to work
Here is a link to the complete WorkLife booklet developed by Alex Rotary as a mentoring guide to anyone starting work for the first time. (Also not a bad read for anyone going back into the workforce who would like a bit of inspiration and advice. 
We've also found that local businesses use it as a friendly support for their employees to help discussions along on the importance of work, (and how to be happy at work while making the boss happy!!)
Rotary Trivia Champions - AGAIN

Alex Rotary - Trivia Quiz champions

Here's our group celebrating their win, with our exchange student Amy, who is basking in the reflected glory of the winners. smiley
Alex Rotary are the current ROMAC trivia champions, having successfully won the trophy from hundreds (really) of Rotarians at a Fund Raising event hosted by Caloundra Rotary every year to raise funds for this fantastic medical charity.
This is the second year that we've won this highly regarded trophy. This year we had to win without three of last years brain boxes, Graeme, Doug and Dave W, but they were ably replaced by Verna, Professor Bob, and President Mike. 
ROMAC is an organisation of Rotarians and supporters from the medical profession, who give freely of their time and expertise to help the Pacific Island community.
You've probably seen some of the examples of facial reconstruction, and limb correction that these great volunteers do. The recent separation of the Siamese twins is the type of extensive surgery that the Rotarians who make up the ROMAC team do around the area. Tony recently showed a ROMAC project where a young boy from the surrounding islands was able to stand on his own two feet for the first time after radical surgery to align his feet. Well done ROMAC, truly making a difference to people's lives.
We're delighted to support ROMAC and a big thank you to Bryan Mason and his helpers for organising an event, which this year raised $20,000 to support those volunteer medico's with the great work they do around our region. 


Change your community with us by volunteering on a local project.


We work with groups and organizations of all sizes to accomplish even more.


Discover and celebrate diverse perspectives with a global organization.

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If being a full member is not your thing, yet you want to show your support and help out when convenient for you then we'd like to hear from you. 
Just click on the link at the bottom of this page and we'll supply more details on becoming a "Friend of Rotary" 
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Chloe in Brazil
Here's the link to our new outbound Youth Exchange Student, Chloe and her journey and experiences in Brazil
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Club Honorary Members

Fiona Simpson MP for Maroochydore

Fiona is our hardworking local Member for Maroochydore who has a track record of delivering for the Sunshine Coast region and a reputation for passionately advocating for her local community.  After the 2017 State Election, Fiona was appointed as the Shadow Minister for Employment and Small Business, Training and Skills Development in the Deb Frecklington and Tim Mander LNP Team.

Fiona grew up on the Sunshine Coast and went to local schools.  She understands the pressures faced by local families and business owners and wants people to have the same opportunity to live, work and raise their families here while cherishing our region’s natural beauty.

Fiona has a long history with Rotary, as a Youth Exchange Student, and always being a great supporter of her electorate's Rotary Clubs and other voluntary organisations. 

Councillor John Connolly is the Council representative for Ward 4. 
John is an active supporter of community causes and recently joined Alex Rotary as an honorary member. Many will know John from his local support of a wide range of community activities but also for his sporting history, and his love of Rugby and enthusiasm for the youth sport programs in the region. 
Ashley Robinson OAM, is our most recent Honorary member, and has been involved in numerous community support activities, locally, regionally and internationally. The Alex Rotary Club meets at the Alex Surf Club where Ashley is the General Manager and oversees the many Surf Club activities that add to the health and well being of our Sunshine Coast community. 
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Our Meeting Details

We meet Fridays at 6:45 AM
Alex Surf Life Saving Club
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