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Alex Rotary Fees
What does Rotary cost? Our full members pay $150 every 6 months to support Rotary International (RI) causes. The only other cost is club breakfast, which can cost between $5 - $12 at the Alex Surf Club. 
In return you get to hear great speakers, meet like minded good citizens, find out what's going on around the world and local communities. By being part of a Rotary club you get involved in community and youth projects, some of them fundraising. Proceeds from fundraising are donated to  community causes suggested by the members. Some years we have donated  >$25,000 to local community. 
Friends of Alex, who are basically folks who volunteer to help out or attend very occasional Rotary meetings, pay $20 pa.
On joining, there will be a one-off cost for a personalised club shirt and badge. 
Alex Rotary WorkLife Coaching Program 
Helping save lives in Uganda. See YouTube video
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Rotary to amplify climate action at COP28 in Dubai

Rotary to amplify climate action at COP28 in DubaiRotary will help facilitate collaboration on community-led climate action, and discuss the intersection of climate change and

Leading with heart: Vietnam gets a new Rotaract club

There’s a lot of female energy in the Rotaract Club of One Million Lives Saigon: The charter president, president, and vice president are all women.

Rotary Foundation Trustees establish targeted funds to aid Morocco

Rotary Foundation Trustees establish targeted funds to aid Morocco

Rotary members provide modular housing to Ukraine

Affordable and easy to install, the prefabricated houses offer shelter – and a sense of hope

Rotary projects around the globe September 2023

Learn how Rotary clubs are taking action in Belize, the United States, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom.

Rotary helping you transition to work
Here is a link to the complete WorkLife booklet developed by Alex Rotary as a mentoring guide to anyone starting work for the first time. (Also not a bad read for anyone going back into the workforce who would like a bit of inspiration and advice. 
We've also found that local businesses use it as a friendly support for their employees to help discussions along on the importance of work, (and how to be happy at work while making the boss happy!!)
Club Executives & Directors

Welcome to the Alexandra Headland Rotary Club

Rotary New Year starting - thinking of joining a friendly club that has fun while helping others?
We meet every Wednesday morning at 6.45 for 7 am breakfast meeting at Alex SLSC.
Guest speakers, catch up with what's happening in your community, amazing beach views, and kiosk breakfast. 
Are you an local community minded person who wants to make positive changes in your neighbourhood and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group who share your drive to give back.
Club News

International project in Sri Lanka

(Edited from Skye's old exchange clubs message).

"For the first time in the clubs history, RC Haunt -Maintal, together with the Rotary Club of Alexandra  Headland are supporting a Sri Lanka relief Project. The.two clubs jointly donated $5,000 that will help a family in Beruwala get their own house.

The relief project in Beruwala has been supported by the Main-Kinzig constituency and the county council A.D Karl Eyerkaufer.

Eyerkaufer now received the donation cheque that was presented to him by President Werner Supine and past president Norbert Reichold at the club meeting.

Eyerkaufer thanked both clubs for their commitment. 

The connection to Australia came through our former exchange student @skyemiller past President of the Rotary Club of Alexandra Headland. 

Lendy Community social media platform.  A fantastic Sunshine Coast innovation

Our guest speaker on Friday, Kalena Stano spoke to us about how a thought about lawnmowers led her and her team to create a platform that helps the community an date environment and builds community bonds. 


Its called Lendy (www.hellolendy.com.au ) and you will be hearing more about this innovative social media platform as it grows through the region. 



The proposition is simple enough. Why does everyone in your street need a lawnmower? Can we help tenants get in touch with each other for those tools that they only need once in a while and only for a very short time, and what about visitors to the coast, do they really need to lug all that baby stuff to and from their homes, when there are folks on the coast who would be happy to lend it to them for the few days they are here?

These are some of the issues that LENDY platform is addressing, by putting people in touch who have things available to share, and people who need things for only a short time. 

Dave’s bush baptism poem

Sunshine Coast Senior citizen of the year, Dave Woodrow, aka the club’s sound engineer, surprised everyone at the breakfast meeting by his impromptu (thats French for unplanned) rendition of Bush Baptism, and for no apparent reason that a certain scribe could discern. 

It was a truly mesmerising display from Dave recalling most of the verses of the poem off the top of his head…and all this from a golfer who’s memory has been known to fail recalling his number of shots between driving off the 1st tee and arriving at the first green. Also he seems to have some difficulty with counting past 4.

But I digress, a great performance from former headmaster, amazing community volunteer, and fantastic fund raiser for the community and a Sunshine Coast former senior citizen of the year. Thanks Dave for your “Australia’s got Talent” excerpt.

The full poem below. Hilarious. 


A BUSH CHRISTENING - A.B. "Banjo" Paterson

Project Manager makes good

Some time ago Adam Stewart, Sunshine Coast Regional Council Project Manager was our guest speaker and he spoke about the changes that were coming to the beachfront.
At that time the "old caravan park" was still there and the plan that Adam unveiled included the demolition of that caravan park (now done) and then going on to different phases on beach renovation. 
So now we have a new park at the old caravan site, with new pathways installed and more coming, and now the demolition of more car parks to make way for living and meeting space. Sounds great.
Well the second stage of beach renovation is about to start. Here's the details that went out to the community. 

Following the successful completion of Stage One of the Mooloolaba Foreshore Revitalisation project (the Northern Parkland), Stage Two progress is continuing.

Stage Two includes the Central Meeting Place which encompasses 6,500 square metres of beachfront parkland near the Brisbane Road entry point to Mooloolaba Esplanade.

As a result of extensive community engagement in 2022, the community’s chosen design for the Central Meeting Place will be a place to arrive, meet, gather, celebrate and connect with nature and each other.

It features a new shaded event and meeting space, open grassed areas, a viewing deck, new beach showers and toilets (to replace the ageing Loo with a View amenities), landscaping, public artwork, a new coastal pathway, and a terraced seawall with wide steps which double as beachside seating with plants and shade trees.

A key focus of Stage Two is improving accessibility to the foreshore and beach, particularly for people using wheelchairs, mobility devices, prams and the vision impaired.



The Central Meeting Place will feature a ‘Changing Places’ facility for the convenience of people with high support needs and a new all- abilities access ramp to the beach.

Stage Two works will also provide enhanced protection from the future impacts of climate change for Mooloolaba’s public spaces, foreshore, roads and underground services.

This project is delivering world class facilities for residents and visitors, as befitting Mooloolaba’s reputation as a premier tourism destination. It is helping to ensure that Mooloolaba is ‘ready’ for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, when the Sunshine Coast will host a range of events, many in close proximity to Mooloolaba.

Alex Headland Walkway 

Plans are also afoot to continue the cycle and walkway along Alex Headland (M2M)  and additionally to construct a walkway on the headland. 




President Tony welcomes another Ray as member of the club 

Then there were three. Ray's that is. There is a policy in Rotary that you're not supposed to have too many members from the same business area, so that clubs are not overrun with engineers, (for example) which would be really boring. Or accountants more boring perhaps. Anyway, there doesn't seem to be any rule with regards to first names. So now we have Ray Strong as our newest menmber, Ray Burton, and of course long serving Rotarian Rae Smart. 
In true Australian style they have all been given nick names, to identify them. 
Welcome to the club Ray S.smiley
...and a funny from the President. ....

Darragh and Evan from BOSS fix floor ready for softplay

On Friday the "lads" ie giants from BOSS, both 190cm tall took to the tools to fix p the concrete floor at the Young Parents centre, ready for receiving the softplay  pavers. 
Our President Elect, Geoff, commissioned camera buff Di to take some photo's of the work, and here they are below hard at work fixing up  the floor. Darragh is in the dark shirt  and Evan in white shirt.  Both are 190cm tall, so Geoff felt like a Hobbit!   
The soft fall will likely be installed next week. Geoff will not be around to see the final stages (a bit of a trend there Geoffsmiley) as he and Di and family will be heading off for a camping trip for school holidays. Big shout out again to BOSS and of course Di for the photo. Nearly theer with this project, so members get their thinking caps on for the next community "hands on" project. 

DV Connect - who knew?

Been a few weeks since DV connect spoke to the club, but great to see that members are still following up and supporting th egreat work that Ashton and his team are doing. Some members have purchased boxes for their work and apartment blocks to continue the recycling of phones and so getting the phones as a lifeline to this women (mostly) affected by DV. You know who you are, well done you. 
Some members were able to bring along mobile phones, following up on last weeks talk from Ashton at DV connect. Others have got collection boxes or arranged collection boxes for spots around the coast. There have reached out to potential supporters of DV connect  a la organisation who turn over a lot of mobile phones. Well done everyone. 
and new member Les, reached out to Apple in Chermside where there's a bit of a relationship and received this promising response. If it happens, great, if not then no matter well done everyone for brining DV connect to the attention of potential suppliers. 
From: Chermside Business <chermsidebusiness@apple.com
Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2023 2:39 PM
To: Leslie Ross <scmg1@icloud.com>
Cc: Ashton Wood <ashton@dvsafephone.org>; chermside@apple.com
Subject: Re: Business Customer - Sport Career Mentor Group Pty Ltd ( 18000002563851 ) DV Safe Phone Charity
Hi Leslie,
Thanks for your email.
It’s great to hear you took a lot away from Ashton’s presentation around DV Safe Phones - it’s an incredible initiative.
While we are limited in our retail business channel to support your query, I’ve reached out to our Business Development Manager so we can get you in touch with the right teams.
I will update you once I’ve heard back and pass on your details with the information you’ve provided.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out for anything further in the meantime.

Kind regards,
Shina Alayon
Business Expert
Apple Chermside 
...and here's last weeks article as an aide memoir. (thats French for "knot in handkerchief").smiley
Our guest speaker is well known to the club, but who knew that starting to clear out your garage would lead to the creation of an extraordinary life saving organisation? For those of us who can remember pre-Covid, we related to Ashton being in lockdown and looking for something to do. That led to a clean out of his garage, and a phone call to community minded Queensland policewomen, Janine Fulton,  which led to the discovery about how important it is for folks (predominately women) needing to have an escape route from domestic violence, in the form of a secret mobile phone. Why? because the mobile phone is often the first thing taken or smashed to prevent a victim calling out for help.
The garage in Buderim that started it all..
How many phones were needed on the Sunshine Coast? ..he wondered?.... Hundreds and and every month. Stunned, and a bit overwhelmed, Ashton and his volunteer team tackled the huge task, and with the support of King IT and others, including 2 Rotarians on the DV Connect board, they are now a critical and important part of addressing the impacts of domestic violence in the region. How many folks are affected in Australia? Try 2,000,000.
Where are these victime? Everywhere. We know from several tragic events in our own region, that no one is immune. But did you know that people living in remote areas were 24 TIMES as likely to be hospitalised for domestic violence than folks in major cities. 
So how does this all work and how can Rotary help?
So next time you see a DV Connect, safe phone donation box, then make a mental note to dig out that old phone (needs to be 4G) and pop it in the box with the cable and charger, and take a note of the address for donations, so that Ashton and his team of volunteers can keep this amazing Sunshine Coast going and spreading the good work. 
PS. post the meeting President Tony received this gracious note from Ashton. 
From: Ashton Wood <ashton@dvsafephone.org
Sent: Thursday, September 7, 2023 11:05 AM
To: Tony Freeman <freemanmarketing@bigpond.com>
Subject: RE: Ashton Wood as potential Guest Speaker
Hi Tony,
Just a quick note to thank you for inviting me to speak at your Rotary breakfast on Wednesday, I had a great time and met lots of people who were at the original launch in Maroochydore and some new faces too!
From Monday the following opportunities have come up.
  1. Phone collection boxes to go in at IFYS (we have been providing safe phones to them for a couple of years already)
  2. Possible connection to Apple for phone donations.
  3. Possible connection to Officeworks for phone collections.
Please pass on my thanks to everyone.
Thank again!
Always in your corner,
Ashton Wood
Founder & CEO, DV Safe Phone
Ph: 1300 151 939
Some of the gang at Glass Cafe , 6th Avenue Maroochydore. Recommended. 
Breakfast for a certain member. Who? It's been suggested that its comfort food, still in mourning over a certain Ashes result. 
...who's breakfast is this?

Raceday Cluster Project?

Some of our new (and old) members may not know that Alex Rotary is part of a cluster of Rotary Clubs that occasionally gets together to do a common activity or suport each others projects. The club has been approached by the secretary of the Bribie Island Club to assist with a "Raceday Cluster Project". Here's teh email from Mary which the club are considering. If you have any views on this please mention at the next club meeting. 
Hello all
At the district assembly we talked about what could be a cluster project,  we recognised that the sunshine coast clubs could do something  together but the whole cluster  would be difficult,so as Neil  black had  already spoken of the race day,it was thought that maybe  the clubs could support this as 2 clubs in the cluster Caboolture  and Bribie Island  we sponsoring it.
If each club could put in $500 each we could call a race the kenny cluster handicap. 
This is a donation to rotary  australia  repurposing equipment.
So the donation can be entered in your books as donation to the international expences 
 Can you please givve some consideration to this
Thank you
Mary Grant 
Rotary Club of Bribie Island 
Included is the last rare newsletter to see what good you donation could do..

Wednesday's guest speaker was Anita from Alex SLSC Community Education

Our last meetings speaker was Anita from Community Education at Alex SLSC. Anita's been leading Alex SLSC community ed for 20 years now, but for some of th eRotary members this was the first time that they discovered what an integral and important part of Community Ed is to Alex SLSC.
A certain scribe related how when he met Ashley Robinson for the first time when Rotary were moving their meetings to the Surf Club, Ashley spoke very strongly about how his goal was that Alex SLSC was to be seen as the heart of the community and not just a club on the beach. Well, Ashley and his staff have certainly achieved that. when Anita spoke of the various programs and activities that the surf life savers do in the community, and how their strategy and activities are always inclusive and supportive of families from all over who come to Alex ..it was simply heartwarming to learn how the club wraps itself around the members and families  and bring back the young folks later in life to be mentors, volunteers, supporters and create an exceptional culture of inclusiveness.
Well, you'd have to say that Ashley had succeeded in creating something special. 
So  President Tony was delighted to donate $5,000 to community education at our meeting on Wednesday and especially pleased see that the funds are going towards life saving AED training equipment so that folks can learn how to resuscitate swimmers in trouble.
President Tony noted that the last time Anita was at the club she demonstrated resuscitation to a certain coast personality and "bon viveur" Gary Lynch, which brought back some amusing memories..... apparently. ?? 
President Tony (and jewellery) with the the clubs contribution to Anita manager of Community Education at Alex SLSC below

India by bike?

The club received this invite in th email and a certain scribe remembered that a  few years back a local Rotarian went on this trip with other Rotarians. He had an amazing time. 

Dear Rotarian, 

Greetings from RID 3181! 

As you might be aware, RID 3181 organizes an International Motorcycle Ride / Drive event - Ride for Rotary, in India. The aim of the event is to promote International fellowship and exchange of Rotary views.

The last 7 editions of the event have been an overwhelming success. More than 150 participants from 18 different countries have attended the event and have had wonderful experiences to take back home. 

The proceeds from this event go to The Rotary Foundation. We have contributed close to $150,000 to TRF from the last 7 editions.

This year’s event will be held from 5th to 20th January, 2024. The 15 days event will start-off from Udaipur (India) and can either be a motorcycle ride, or a four wheeler drive.

The ride will cover multiple Rotary Districts and many Rotary Clubs. Route map will be - Udaipur - Ahmedabad - Statue of Unity - Surat - Nashik - Pune - Kolhapur - Goa - Mysore

Below are the Event Highlights:

  • "Ride for Rotary" is an event involving motorcycle riding and four-wheeler driving across India. 
  • This initiative is organized by Rotary District 3181 to support and strengthen The Rotary Foundation while celebrating Rotary Fellowship. 
  • The journey will encompass visits to various Rotary Clubs, insights into Rotary Projects, enjoyable fellowships, and opportunities to meet new people. 
  • Participants will have the chance to experience diverse cultures, cuisines, and lifestyles along the route. 
  • Cultural activities and a Gala Dinner will be featured throughout the journey. 
  • Accommodation will be provided in 3-star hotels or higher. 
  • The meticulously planned route will showcase diverse landscapes, including palaces, beaches, hill stations, temples, and churches, covering approximately 1600 km across 5 Indian states. 
  • The ride will be supported by medical staff, helpers, mechanics, and support vehicles. 
  • A MiniBus will transport participants' luggage. 
  • The bike and four-wheeler convoy will be under the guidance of experienced crew members. 
  • Participant food and accommodation will be covered only from January 5th to January 20th, 2023.

Participation Fee ( Early Bird): 

  • For Individual: 3500 USD + 18% Tax 
  • For Couple: 5500 USD + 18% Tax 
  • Participation Fee includes: 
  • For Motorcycle: Food, Stay, Riding gears, Motorcycle with fuel, Flight Ticket (From Goa to Mysore) 
  • For 4 Wheeler: Food, Stay, Vehicle with fuel, Flight Ticket (From Goa to Mysore) 

We request you to register for this event and make the event a greater success. Please visit our website: www.rideforrotary.com for more details 

September 30, 2023 will be the last date for Early Bird Offer. 


Team Ride for Rotary 8


Ride for Rotary

Ride for Rotary, Mysore, 570009

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Fiona's year in Japan on Rotary Youth Exchange leads to amazing family heritage revelations

At Wednesday's breakfast meeting our honorary member, and  long serving MP, Fiona Simpson, spoke to the club about her life changing experience as a Rotary Exchange student in Japan.
Many Rotarians have witnessed the impact that this  amazing program has on students as they immerse themselves in their chosen country, living with Rotary families and experiencing life as a local.
Local examples of Rotary exchange students on the coast are many, including our Past President Skye and another chap called Mark Jamieson, aka The Mayor. 
But we had an extra bonus with Fiona's talk as she shared with us how she became aware of a her familial connection dating back to the early 1900's when Japan was pretty much a closed book to most of the world.
Little did the young Fiona know that as she set off to Japan for her youth exchange year just a few years ago while still at high school that it would lead to discoveries of family connections that endure to this day.
Can you spot Fiona at her first day in Japanese high school? Hint. Check out the hair.
Thank you Fiona for sharing your story with the club. 
Fiona's family has strong connections with Japan business leading back to the 1930's, and below photo of family member serving WW@ internment. 
...and more recent photo of the Fiona and sister and relations who recall the school (converted to internment camp. 
...and finally this photo of an (arranged? ) marriage with Fiona totally "dolled" up in a beautiful Kimono and head wear,  and rather a smug looking groom by her side. 
In a fascinating talk Fiona's immersion as a Rotary Youth Exchange student gave her an insight into how the Great Kanto Earthquake on 1923 caused such catastrophic damage to Tokyo and Yokohama.
: In less than one week, the 7.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent fires annihilated most of Tokyo and virtually all of Yokohama. Moreover, the earthquake caused nearly 6.5 billion yen of damage, a remarkable figure roughly four times larger than Japan’s national budget for 1922. The earthquake disaster was also a human calamity, resulting in the deaths of more than 110,000 individuals and leaving nearly 1.5 million homeless. The destruction, dislocation, and devastation caused by the quake, in the words of Tenrikyō relief worker Haruno Ki’ichi, not only defied description, it simply “surpassed imagination.”
Reflecting on how the earthquake also changed Japanese society and how the life shattering events led to the people looking for security and meaning in an authoritarian regime that eventually would lead to Japan's involvement in the Second World War.
Thank you Fiona, a remarkable story.
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You can be sure that your dollars go to where they are needed. 
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