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Once more the Alex Rotary has won the prestigious ROMAC trivia trophy against stiff challenges from the Sunshine Coast Rotary clubs.

This year our team was supplemented by Mike, Verna and Bob Lane who managed the pressure of being on the existing trophy holders very well ......mostly, apart from a few dummy spits! smiley.
It was a good night in support of ROMAC, the medical assistance arm of Rotary and over $20,000 was raised on the night by Bryan Mason and the team. 
Also winning raffle tickets from Marilyn, Sean and Mike ensured that the team took away some wine, chocolates, phone accessories, painting,  to go with the recently modified trophy, which everyone agreed (at least on our team) was a big improvement on the previous one.
Although I don't think anyone noticed that there had been some "improvements" to the trophy while in our care. 
You'll also see from photo below that Amy..our youth exchange student photo bombed us..every body loves a winner!!
Among the teddy bears and vino collapso bottles, the major raffle prize, a beautiful bassinet went to our neighbours the Sunshine Coast Central club, who were still deciding what to do with it as we were heading home (?).
That reminds me, whatever happened to the voucher and CD for a free wedding from a celebrant?..... and I have it on good authority that one of last years winning tickets for the advisory services of an interior decorator is yet untouched.