Care Outreach comes to visit 

Bill and Melissa from Care Outreach reminded us on Friday morning why we're so keen to support them with our fundraising. These amazing folks and their army of volunteers go to the far flung districts of western Queensland (don't ask me to repeat them) to provide practical support to farmers and their families "doing it ought" in the outback. We were amazed at the coverage Bill went through on "questions without notice".
We've also managed to drag Bill and Melissa away from their work on Sunday 27th, and they'll be putting up a Care Outreach stall at the Mooloolaba beach car park to let our visitors know what Care Outreach does for the farmers and their families, who are still suffering after 8 - 9 years of drought, and the crushing day to day lives that many of them have endured during that time. 
A film documentary is being made of what Care Outreach do in the outback, and Bill related a "normal day" for one of his visits which ended after almost 20 hours on his feet, up to his neck in mud trying to pull a steer out of a waterhole. 
Craig gave a vote of thanks to Melissa and Bill on behalf of the club..