Rotary fighting Racism

Secretary John did some research into how Rotary was responding to the BLM issue in USA. Interestingly Chicago (our home Rotary International town) figures largely in the debate. 
As we know Rotary has since its inception been fighting Poverty and supporting Education - the main causes of not just Racism, but Tribalism and Sectarianism - the things that bring out the worst in Society. Many Rotary clubs have put on their website the Rotary statements on Racism and what Rotary stands for but their was one club that has really taken a strong interest. John noticed that the Rotary club of Kent, Washington state had not only supported the local BLM march but also invited the police and BLM activists to speak at their meetings. 
Well done Kent Rotary for getting involved in "making a difference" to their community and tackling the serious community issues.