Bunnings on Saturday 12th September - anyone?

We're delighted that Bunnings Community BBQ's are back on. They are a great source of income for community clubs like Rotary. Of course there are some community causes that you see at Bunnings that do make you wonder "The three legged orphaned dog society" leaves me scratching my head for example. 
But COVID has meant that the BBQ looks a lot different. There are now designated roles and procedures for every volunteer;
The Captain must be able to watch the whole procedure the entire day and assist where needed or guide the team – they are the person in charge on the day.
The Greeter Volunteers (x3), effectively the crowd controllers / bouncers, to keep people socially distancing.
The Cook Only one allowed so three arms and nerves of steel and Masterchef training would be an asset. 
The Collector Three legs would be beneficials to ensure that food gets to the customer quickly. (preferably the correct order)
The Order Volunteer is the Eftpos user, stands and makes sure the queue is kept moving. 
So no pressure then!! Our first club BBQ of the season is on Saturday 12th September. Good luck everyone! 
Our club masterchef....