Club Plans

Its that time of the. year again when we set club goals. And as we all know you can't have a strategy meeting without butchers paper.
So our chief strategist (Wallis) brought along his corporate tools to Fridays meeting and the club went to work on the butchers paper with coloured pens and lots of ideas...and some blank stares. 
We looked at what we wanted from the club, and developed some plans for guest speakers and visits and projects. 
Some of the guest speakers we plan to have are, Care Outreach (Melissa and Bill) , Salty Souls (Kerry & Tamara) , Board Organisation (Mark Skinner), Council Beach renovation Project Manager (Adam Stewart) aviation (TBC) , technology (Elon Musk), community speaker (Jodi Ryan?) and of course try and hold some club meetings in the community, perhaps through our contacts with IFYS and THRIVE and other supporters. Keep this ideas coming, and help Wallis out with guest speaker ideas.