Thank you everyone who has responded to this call for help...

If you can spare a few hours you could really help some folks in the community who are in trouble. The attached letter from IFYS is self explanatory, and identifies two areas you can "make a difference"
1. Join the phone contact / check in roster.
2. Get word out that IFYS have meals and support for folks who may be struggling. Put on your facebook page or let others in your circle know..
Willing to help? then email or phone 5438 3000 and they'll take it from there. Thank you. 

From Vicky Meyer, who many of you will know at IFYS, 

'Our response to COVID-19 is certainly starting to ramp up up since we spoke last week. We are generating 300-500 meals daily and have opened a second kitchen. We are getting volunteers to help us in relation to kitchen duties and deliveries, but have two things I wondered if you and the other clubs could help us with currently.
We are starting to see more enquires from older individuals in our community who are isolated with little or no supports, they are not going out to shop and are not seeing another human being to talk to. We had a referral yesterday for a 70 year old lady who only had enough food for a couple more days, and nothing in the way of fresh food or veggies, just tins left in her cupboard. We have resolved the food issue, got her fresh produce and meals, food for her cat and picked up her medication. But she could really benefit from a check in call twice a week to see how she is going, she misses talking with anyone. We have explained we can only drop off items and can’t come in for a chat for health and safety reasons. She is one of a few cases we have had this week. We have also been contacted about some individuals in an aged care facilities yesterday, similar story in relation to social isolation and loneliness. 
Is there any chance members of our club or others would be willing to go on a phone contact/check in roster. It’s not a lot of calls right now, but I anticipate it will increase. We can provide a pre-paid phone, so no one is out of pocket in terms of the calls. This can be done from someone’s home and if the call generates any requests for food assistance or other needs, we can then get these actioned through our team going out.
The second request is for you to help us get the word out that we have meals and supports should individuals in the community be struggling. We have put out an ad via Facebook and our networks, but know you and the clubs have also got extensive networks across the community. We can supply ads, but the main message is to contact us via email if possible or to call us on 5438 3000. Emails are preferable as we can manage the enquires better this way.
This is the Emergency Relief ad we posted this week and we will continue to post these and others. Additionally, we took on a billboard in Maud Street I thought you might appreciate seeing"