Welcome Michelle and Skye

On Friday morning (glorious picture below) President Wendy inducted 2 new members Skye and Michelle and we found out that not only are they both considerably reducing the average age of the club, but they are also boosting the Rotary heritage of the club with both Michelle and Skye having much to do with Rotary Youth programs previously. 
So welcome, and once Craig is feeling better we look forward to inducting him into the club. Also we have two new members as transferees, considerably bolstering our overall membership. 
The proceedings didn't go exactly to plan, with a bit of a mix up in identities, (you don't want to know!) ...but it all worked out well in the end. Here's Errol rescuing himself from the hole he has just dug for himself.

Sergeants session

The meeting continued with the sergeants session, and where David had been outstanding last week in generating revenue.....this week he took pity on us with only a small number of misdeeds punished..... so be warned for next week......and bring plenty of pocket shrapnel.

Next Weeks speaker 

Thank you to Wallis who has arranged John Newson to come and talk to the club about the work he is doing in the dementia care guide area. Many of us will know someone who has been affected by this terrible disease.