"You asked the wrong questions Bryan!" 

The good news. ROMAC raised over $13,000 on Thursday night from the trivia quiz, with great help from Caloundra Rotary. These funds all go to help reconstruct the disfigured children and mums on the pacific region. A great cause supported by Rotarian medical and health and logistics volunteers. Well done Bryan Mason, who does an enormous amount of work to make this event happen every year. A great effort and a great cause. 
The not so good news. Alex Rotary were 3 points short of victory following a spirited performance by the Quiz team, ably managed by team secretary Kim, and Karen, Wendy, Marilyn, Tony, Steve and John. 
Who would have thought that there was over 4,000 varieties of potato?
If you look really, really closely at the above pic of the ROMAC trivia quiz audience, you may spot Alex Rotary Past President Sue Quinn, who rumour has it has settled down on the coast after a career supporting our pollies. 
A certain scribe did not go home empty handed. Initially thought he'd won a hair dryer (not entirely useful to the follically challenged) but it turned out to be a laser gun...much more useful (?) 
Finally our mates at ROMAC have got a great deal from their supporters at Tyrrells wines. Check this link out and do yourself a favour.
...and a funny question...