Frontline on the Drought (Warning - Graphic story

On the coast we have "loo with a view" drought affected western Queensland they have "loo with a roo" ...or rather several Bill was telling us that one of the Care Outreach projects was to refurbish a community meeting place, to improve the mental health of those suffering from nearly 8 years of drought.
So with Care Outreach's help the team started to clear out the hall and make the place more secure. But what was that smell? It turns out that several Roo's had been attracted to the the smell of water in the toilet cubicle and had broken into the hall where they had perished, several on top of each other in the toilet cubicle.
The bodies had to be removed (by a pregnant farmers wife no less) and the toilet block demolished and rebuilt.
So next time you hear talk about " doing it tough" think about our fellow Australians out west. 
Pallets ready to go !!
...and their destinations.