Inner Wheel - a vibrant club for "Rotary ladies"

When you consider that not so long ago Rotary did no allow women members you wonder about hanging on to old ideas and cultures. We were reminded of this when Meg Newman came to talk to us on Friday morning and went through the history of Inner Wheel, and its beginnings in Manchester England. 
Before Rotarians feel too bad about excluding the women folk for so long, I am reminded from "The ladies in surf" relationship that it wasn't so long ago when Surf Life Saving had very similar views about women membership, and the hilarious tale on the Sunshine Coast of where the women decided to have a Surf Life Saving competition, and several locals (men) decided this was sexist and applied to join in. (true)
Thankfully we've progressed a bit, but it still makes you wonder about what other ideas we have at the moment that will be challenged for the better in future?
...and its great to see our former citizen of the year and amazing bloke Dave back from his sojourns. Apparently the panel beaters were let off lightly this year with Dave managing to negotiate those tricky static obstacles outback!
Dave obviously missed his favourite microphone while he was away..and soon swung into action (photo below).
Welcome back Dave, we missed you.