Anna and Brian talk about their club

Chairperson of the Alex Satellite Club Anna Mayer spoke to the club on Friday morning and we were joined by four members of the  newly created  satellite Club and shared  their experiences  regarding the formation  of the satellite club.

Anna  filled club members in on  aspects of her life that led her to  this new Initiative. We learnt that Anna was from Austria and  came to Australia in 2014  She had  completed a degree in Economics. 

She was introduced to Rotary by one of her teachers. She liked what she heard but because of time constraints she could not follow through with  becoming a fulltime Rotarian.

Anna returned to Australia. She was based in Ipswich ands introduced to the  concept of creating a Passport Club by a Rotarian Les.

Anna was excited about starting up a Passport club, because it had the  following features. 

  • Flexibility
  • Informal meetings
  • Passport members met once a month
  • Gave members the facility of getting involved with community events
  • Freedom of choice  to join other clubs to help out as Volunteers
  • Freedom to start their own projects 
  • Maintain the Model of Passport Clubs by connecting with other Passport clubs
Some members of the club were interested in Anna's background in Economics because there is some controversy about whether Economics is an "Art" or a "Science"...Anna neatly deflected the question by saying it was a science and went on to blame politicians for the various economic disasters - which we all accepted and agreed that no sensible person likes politicians.