SalTy Souls receives approval for Steve's design from Council for new home

A huge amount of work by Liam Pinese (ADAPT town planning) and our very own Steve Newton came to fruition last Thursday when we finally received Development Application approval from Sunshine Coast Council to have the new SalTy Souls Legacy home placed at the Thrive Centre in Maroochydore. Steve's amazing design has captured the approval of Tamara and Kerry Smith and the team can now look forward to building a home that does the legacy of Ty Kennedy proud. 
Steve took the club through the personal stories behind SalTy Souls and the dedication of the SalTy Souls family to make a difference to disengaged kids on the coast through their "Stand Tall" programs and personal coaching methods that have had amazing results. 
Later Steve and John went to the Thrive centre where we spoke to the team and Brendon Jenkins from Core fitness who also does some amazing work in this youth space and will be moving into the Thrive centre. It all has the makings of a great project that Alex Rotary is so pleased to be part of. 
Also in late news the Rotary District Grants association have heard about this and have put up $6,000 towards the project that do so much for the disadvantaged kids that go through the stand tall programs. Members will recall that Sienna High School also got behind Salty Souls with proceeds from their high school ball donated to the program, and of course we've had great support from Sunshine Coast Council, ADAPT (pro bono work), Alex SLSC and Pratt Properties have generously given Salty Souls the land to put their new HQ on. 
In even later news, you may have seen on Channel 7 news that the Thrive centre is being used on weekends for the Maroochydore "Homeless Bus" project. Great work.