Early Planning for Surf Show and Shine

Its seems rather bizarre for a certain scribe to be writing this in lockdown, but the club is planning our 7th Surf Show and Shine event. Its early days and we're looking for Kombi stakeholders and gold sponsors as thsi is our big fundraiser for the year.
Some preliminary discussions have taken place, and the club has date claimed Sunday 3rd October for the big show. Our mates at Cricks Volkswagen are on board, and we'll be reaching out to the Surf Board and Arts and Music and Vendor communities as we put together our plans for another fantastic community event. 
Mike and Steve have taken on board the communications with school, and other venues are being canvassed. There's only a couple of months before the big day, so that has some plusses and minuses, but with everyone's help we'll give it our best shot.
The other task where the club would really appreciate some help, is with  Kombi "Supremo" to be the point of contact for drumming up support within the Kombi community, as well as potential Surf Wear and Surfboard related gold sponsors. 
If you have any leads in this area please contact the club secretary on RCAHsecretary@gmail.com