Kombi and Surfboard Show 

The club is pushing on with the Kombi show for the 26th and 27th September. Steve and John have met with Council and we've been briefed on the likely impact of the redevelopment of the shorefront at Alex Walkway / Mooloolaba and it looks like we'll just squeeze in at this time. 
John handed out the Council drawings of the future shorefront...looks fabulous!!
So the format will be as planned pre COVOD, with the event being held at the lower car park beachfront, a Saturday night Kombi Parade, and a Sunday show for the community. 
The only exception being that there will likely be NO film show on Saturday night as previously planned. 
So we thank everyone for putting their hand up for the show in February, and we'll be in touch with them soon, if they have not already heard from us. Mooloolaba Rotary have already offered the use of their arches for welcoming the Kombi's. Thanks Mooloolaba.
For those who were not aware of the planning for the postponed show here are the key stakeholders:
  • Sunshine Coast Council
  • Dean Stuart and his great team at Cricks Volkswagen
  • MIX FM
  • North Coast Board Riders 
  • SES 
  • Mooloolaba Rotary 
  • The Board Organisation 
  • Our fantastic Vendors,  community volunteers, and supporters