THRIVE and Alex Rotary

Things are starting to move with THRIVE and the club may be invited to participate in the second day of the Youth Program being proposed by THRIVE and 4 local schools. This will involve Rotarians for about one hour every week for several weeks at THRIVE's facility on Aerodrome Road. Its not confirmed yet, but looking promising, and will give Rotarians an opportunity to share their work experiences with kids who may be feeling a bit apprehensive about their work preparation and skills. 
Its all part of the WorkLife program that the club offers to schools to help kids improve their soft skills and transition into work. By helping them recognise the skills that they have and how academic results are not the only measure of employability we hope to build up their self confidence and preparedness.
If you are interested in helping out for an hour a week, just let Secretary John know. 
Also the club is keen to facilitate a small machine repair workshop to give kids an opportunity to learn new skills while mixing with older folk. This initiative was brought by Errol, and its had some fantastic results throughout Australia. We hope to engage mens shed, retired and working adults to spend some time on this worthwhile project.