Two brilliant talks for our guest speakers

Miranda McLennan and Ruth Logan were our guest speakers on Friday morning. 
Both of these fantastic women are truly "making a difference" to our Sunshine Coast community and are to be congratulated for their achievements, professionalism and enthusiasm. 
First up was Ruth, who you may have seen in her brightly postered ute around the Sunshine Coast promoting the "It's a bloke thing" program to increase awareness...all over Queensland and NT. and promote action among men to get their prostate checked, especially if they are over 45 (?) with family history of prostate cancer, and men who are getting on in years and have not had a PSA test. 
There would not be one man in the room who would not relate to Ruth's message about how poorly men look after their own health and many would be aware of this silent killer. A certain scribe lost a family member to PC last year and knows how important it is to get checked regularly and watch that PSA level for any changes. But he only made the call to the GP after hearing Ruth's talk. (and he is one of the more intelligent members of the club, even if he says so himself!.)
Thank you Ruth for the work you do, and the lives you are saving. 
Next up was Michelle's best mate Miranda who is also a bundle of energy and enthusiasm. Miranda is a HR executive and start up coach who has been actively involved in getting the local young chamber of commerce off the ground. It has become tremendously successful and after being under the wing on the Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce is now flying on its own. 
It was so inspiring to hear of Sunshine Coast Young Chamber of Commerce and their achievements in bringing together the young entrepreneurs of the Sunshine Coast and the support that they give each other through the organisation.