The club had a busy year as was reported at the AGM. Again we kept our culture of "making a difference" to our community - Locally - and to lesser extent - Internationally-  by volunteering our time and effort and getting involved in Projects that help the community, while having a bit of fun, and raising funds for local causes who could do with a financial helping hand. 
We have a tradition of supporting the "underdog" causes that may not receive much publicity or just need to know that there are others who care about what they are doing. 
Good examples of this last year - members being able to gather support with in the club to help out their local community with Prostrate Cancer and Ovarian cancer donations, and we also welcomed the opportunity of helping out the local Young Vets with the proceeds from the Solstice Swim. 
We also were able to gather a tidy sum for drought relief, which I understand from Bill and Melissa are being distributed to the farmers and locals in need "outback" via debit cards which are being used locally to help the business outback that are also struggling. So thats a win-win as they say. 
More recently we've been able to bring some Christmas Cheer to The Board Meeting organisation. This is a great organisation made up of local volunteers helping out disabled and disadvantaged kids on the Coast. Their leader Mark Skinner came to talk to us a few months back with some great inspiring stories on how the club had started out small with the intention of helping one child, only to find out that there was a much larger need on the community. This didn't stop Mark and the team, they have grown from strength to strength. So when we rang them up and asked if they would be interested in helping out with the "Christmas at Alex" BBQ, the response was terrific, and we've been able to donate $1,000 from the club to bring some cheer to his fantastic group. 
Check them out at
Thats the power of a club, to see a need and gather support, and deliver some good to a worthwhile cause. 
Another  great example was the solstice swim where we became aware of a club that help our young veterans who needed a helping hand and we all worked together, under Captain Tanya and Corporal Gary to make an event thats now well and truly on the community calendar. 
Projects in 2017/2018
  • Solstice Swim 
  • Golf Day 
  • Surf Show and Shine
  • Community Breakfast Visits
  • Landsborough Care garden
  • Sunshine Coast Council Skate Park BBQ
  • Bunnings BBQ's
Donations in 2017/ 2018
  • Care outreach $23,000 Drought relief. 
  • The Shack Nambour $3,000 (proceeds from Headland Golf Day) 
  • The Young Vets $4,700 (proceeds from the solstice swim) 
  • Rotary Landsborough Care Garden $2,000
  • Ovarian Cancer $1,000
  • Prostate Cancer $1,000
  • ROMAC medical aid $1,000
  • Coast to Bay domestic violence helpline $1,000
  • USC Community fund $1,000
  • Rotoract $500
  • Inner Wheel Caloundra $500
  • Lifeflight $500
  • General community support (STEPS, Schools, etc. misc. )  $2,000
  • Construction of the club storage shed thanks to Federal communities grant
  • Delivery of Worklife program to Immanuel College, Rotary Youth Leadership, Rotoract and RDU International, thanks to SCC grant.
  • The club also made donations to several of the breakfast speaker causes.