During the history of the club, we have been hosted foreign exchange students ("inbounds") and also sponsored local students on their overseas exchange. We also host the complete group of Youth Exchange Students every year - called the "Youth Safari" at a getting to know you night at the Alex Surf Club. Here's some of their stories.
Marc Hohnhaus was the clubs very first exchange student in 2002-3. Marc is now a doctor in Stuttgart studying to be a Gynaecologist & Obstetrician. He attended Mountain Creek High School.
Chloe Ross Buzza was our latest "outbound" student who spent a year in Brazil with Rotarian families learning the Brazilian culture and experiencing life in South America. This picture was taken just before Chloe was about to set off to meet the other Rotarian students.
Bianca Aird - Bianca spent her Youth Exchange Year in Spain, Amy Fris from Denmark spent her inbound year on the Sunshine Coast and school at Sienna College. Here's epic where Bianca (left) caught up with Amy  at the end of Amy's year with us, just before she returned home. 
Hannah Binder from Austria was a Youth exchange student who we see here back in Austria where she is studying for her teaching degree. The picture was taken last year when she caught up with her host family while on the Sunshine Coast, Steve and Trish Power.