Republic of South Africa

Clive and Cathy with 50 years of Rotary Service in South Africa

( Warning ....Distressing photo at end of article) 
On Friday Clive and Cathy from the Rotary Club of Uitenhage South spoke to us about the Eastern province of SA and som eof the amazing community work that Rotarians do in that part of the world. The work they do is a million miles away from the world of clamping in the game parks, and gave us some insight to the daily struggles of the folks in that part of the world. A big shout out to the Rotarians for the work they do to "make a difference" to their communities. 
The club has several connections to Southern Africa, through our members Sean and Charmaine, and of course our support of Rainbow House in Zambia, and now our connection to Uganda via Eve's life saving programs, and many of us have travelled there to see this amazing country first hand. For those who have seen the spectacular land behind the tourist veil, its a land with huge problems.  
A certain scribe lamented how in his 45 years of contact with Southern Africa since he worked there in the early 70's how he had witnessed its gradual decline for the average citizen. It's a sorry tale of a region is serious decline and makes this scribe very grateful for the part of the world that he now lives in. 
Here's Clive and Cathy at one of their clubs fundraiser, where a bunch a friendly bikers turned up to lend a hand. Goodonya Bikers!!
PS...while still in South Africa, teh club received the following email, which we're following up with a ZOOM meeting...
Good morning Sir/Madame,

My name is Torriano Salamba and I am the current President of RC Dar Es Salaam Mbezi Beach in Tanzania. I have lived in Australia for the last 40 years but I have been back in Tanzania for the last 6 years, I became a Rotarian 4 years ago, servicing as club secretary before becoming the club President for this Rotary year/

Im reaching out hoping that you could assist us in building some toilets for a school and hopefully we can do the same for the many government schools that are suffering from a hygienic toilet and drinking water.

I have attached the concept note for your reading and I hope to hear from you club.
Warning ....Distressing photo 
This is the toilet the school is using..

We've made a difference at Christmas..but what about the pic

Care Outreach Christmas appeal - amazing response from Club - but what's wrong with this picture??

President Skye and Judy dropped off these pressies at Care Outreach with Melissa....but our resident photographer has spotted something wrong...can you guess?
Board Meeting this Tuesday  etc. etc. 
  • Board Meeting this Tuesday

Just a reminder if any member wishes to contribute to the Board meeting, we welcome any input, just drop the secretary an email.
  • Friday's speaker is from the Queensland Police Service

  • Don't forget to RSVP to Skye's lunch date

  • Don't forget to let Geoff know if you can help with the Rotary defensive driving program for kids (RYDA). Its a life saver. 

Tales from Texas

Two stories from USA

We've probably seen in the news where the state government on Texas have sent parents of school kids emergency DNA kits, which sent a shiver up the spine of this scribe. So here's some positive news out of that troubled state. 
As regular readers will know, we also have contacts with USA and subscribe to The Arlington Sunrise newsletter, where our amazing and hard working director, Peter and Jayne have family. So here's something positive from that part of the world where these Rotarians are making a difference to their community. 
Words from Wisconsin 

..and further North from Texas, in Wisconsin, Rotarians are also helping their community

This from this months "Rotary in Review" this article reminds us that you don't have to look into Africa or Asia to find worthwhile causes that will improve your community..
How amazing is this, with clubs from USA and Europe joining forces to help the folks in La Crosse, Wisconsin
The most preventable deaths...and its not what you think

Alex Rotary shows its support for a life giving cause

On Friday we renewed our friendship with Eve Fraser, Director of OzSwim Aquatics. Members will recall that a few months ago our club was successful in getting a $4,000 grant to help Eve and her team save lives in Uganda though a water awareness program. Since that time, Eve has been super busy and has created a Rotary e-Club that has tasked itself with engaging with Rotary to save 2,500,000 lives around the world. That's the number of lives that the United Nations estimate are lives lost in water incidents, that could have been prevented.
So Eve, being a "can do" sort of person has set out a plan of 6 project clusters to break down this mammoth task into achievable parts. ..
The club is delighted to have Eve as a neighbour on the sunny coast, and a friend of Alex Rotary and already we're exploring ways of supporting this worthwhile cause through club projects. The Solstice Swim is an obvious collaboration that we're exploring. 
Get ready for Sip and Paint at Naomi's

Naomi's surf and paint 

Christmas at Alex Dateclaimer 

Christmas at Alex - Sunday 11th December at Buhk Park

The Alex Community Association folks are again hosting the iconic and world famous (really?) "Christmas at Alex" on Sunday 11th December. The weather is guaranteed to fabulous, and there is a rumour that a man in a red suit will be there to spread some joy and create some bedlam among the kids (well done JH) ..after a few tough years. 
Upcoming Events
"Lift the Lid" Walk for Mental Health
Oct 08, 2023
8:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Bunnings BBQ
Oct 11, 2023
7:30 AM – 3:03 PM
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Oct 12, 2023
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Young Parents project completion social (TBC)
Oct 27, 2023
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Nov 15, 2023
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BBQ in Buhk Park for Okinja Early Learning Centre
Dec 09, 2023
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Dec 10, 2023
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DG Paul Roger Visit
Jan 17, 2024
6:45 AM – 8:05 AM
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Comedy Corner

You've got to groan..
  • "If a child refuses to nap, are they guilty of resisting a rest?"
  • "What country's capital is growing the fastest?" "Ireland. Every day it's Dublin."
  • "I once had a dream I was floating in an ocean of orange soda. It was more of a fanta sea."
  • "Did you hear about the kidnapping at school? It's okay, he woke up."
  • "A cheeseburger walks into a bar. The bartender says, 'Sorry, we don't serve food here.'"
  • "I once got fired from a canned juice company. Apparently I couldn't concentrate."
  • "I used to play piano by ear. Now I use my hands."
  • "I'm on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it." 
  • "Did you hear about the guy who invented the knock-knock joke? He won the 'no-bell' prize."
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