What's happening at Alex Rotary ?
Peter and Shannon welcomed to the club 

New club members -  Peter and friend of Rotary - Shannon 

Peter was inducted into the Alex Rotary club on Friday - actually Peter has had more years with Rotary than Alex Rotary has been in existence. A strong supporter of community work, Peter's also very passionate and active with Salvation Army so we'll be looking for something we can do to show support for that amazing group too. Welcome also to Jayne. 
Michelle gave us an update on her career with kids in Canada and in China as a camp director, what a journey for a lass from Millmerran. Can somebody find a way to bottle that enthusiasm? Also the Sunny Coast kids will be getting the benefit of Michelle's organisation and management experience as she takes the helm with Rotary kids programs. 
Her mate Shannon was inducted as a friend of Rotary so I guess that makes official all the support he has been giving to the club projects. 
Welcome Peter and Shannon. 
..and below Wendy put on her jewellery to make it all above board..
Alex Rotary - growth in membership recognition prize

Alex Rotary - Club growth recognised at District Convention 

President Wendy with the District trophy awarded to Alex Rotary for teh greatest increased membership.
Not a bad effort for a small club with competition for the trophy from Brisbane to Pacific islands!!
(See Errol for an explanation of the trophy design.)
Alex WorkLife Program reaches Tasmania!

Renee puts in a plug for WorkLife for kids

Recently a certain scribe received this lovely text from an amazing woman in Tasmania who works with the youth in Hobart, mostly females who are struggling with accommodation and getting and keeping work. So our amazing Renee suggested that the WorkLife program may be something that they could use, and engage a local Rotary club to help. 
We have clubs in NSW and Victoria who have taken up the program as part of their vocational planning, as well as interest after the RDU article from as far away as Alaska! 
Here's Louise's text..
"Hi, I have recently been chatting with Renee from IYFS on the sunshine coast and she has talked about this amazing program. I am just wondering if there is any capacity to run this in our two youth shelters in Hobart? Its such a fantastic initiative! You can contact me on XXXXXXXX. Kind regards, Louise"
So your club secretary has followed up and been in touch with the District Governor in Hobart and we'll see what develops...and just a reminder that the links to the WorkLife resources are available HERE.
Gala Raffle details

Saturday night Gala Dinner 

Maroochy RSL is teh place to be on Saturday night, for the Rotary 100th Anniversary gala dinner. Bookings have now closed, and if there are any last minute arrangements, please let Val or Wendy know.
So we'll be welcomed by the mayor, and enjoy a nice meal, some dancing, raffles and a few surprises no doubt. 
See you there. 
Rainbow House ladies come to visit

Rainbow House ladies come to say thanks

We were honoured to have Alison and Maron from Rainbow house join us for breakfast on Friday. It was also great to hear some more stories about where the donations go, and a very moving presentation and school song from the kids in Zambia. The photos of the Chianda kids wearing Mathew Flinders and Anglican college shirts was a great reminder of the fantastic work the volunteers here in Australia do to keep the school running. 
Casey's garden makeover dateclaimer 

Got a few hours to change a young fella's garden?

Our mate Mark Skinner has let us know that the date for Casey's garden makeover is now Saturday 17th April. If you can spend a few hours before getting spruced up for the Gala Dinner, let club secretary know.
Monument Show and Tell

Rotary 100th Anniversary 

A certain scribe brought this model along to Fridays breakfast meeting and updated the club on the progress of 100th Anniversary celebrations. Now all we have to do is build the full scale one!
Brittany and the University Community Fund 

Brittany nears end of PhD - and sends a message of thanks to Rotary 

University of Sunshine Coast Community Fund

Click to view Brittany's video...
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