What's happening at Alex Rotary ?
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...and before any readers write in, I know that Rotary is apolitical but a certain member started it !! (You know who you are)
Christmas at Alex 

Christmas at Alex - Thanks to the Alex Community Association

Well the weather certainly improved and the mums and dads and kids rolled up in numbers to celebrate a rather different "Christmas at Alex"
The afternoon had with more of a fairground appeal with rides and candy floss, and of course Santa, looking rather crowded out by the volunteers in pic below. (Good work Johnno in hiding Santa with Rotary flag.... Doh!))
We received a nice thankyou from the lovely Josie on behalf of the community association so well done the volunteers...
Craig L, Charmaine W, Carmel, Joy, Tony F, Taylah Emblem (IFYS), Errol, Graeme, Paul, and "ring ins" from Charmaine,  Anna and Harry.
(If  a certain scribe has forgotten anyone, apologies, working off the volunteer sheet, and I have slightly fewer neutrons now after our new year celebrations.)
And here is Josie and the lovely ladies who make it all happen...
With the help of Taylah and her backing group..
The Community Association were very grateful for your clubs help, and it was just great to see the kids (and parents) happy faces as they rolled up for some Christmas cheer.
The world  as we know it

Recognise this world?

If you ever visit Manhattan and the UN Building, there is a tour guide there who will take you through a series of slides showing the day in the life of an "average" person.  
It's guaranteed to make you stop and think, and be grateful.
(btw Rotary was instrumental in setting up the UN way back when).
A certain scribe received some slides over the Christmas period from a regular contributor, on a similar vein...
What is Rotary?

What exactly IS Rotary?

New Year is a time for resolutions, navel gazing (really?) and wondering just where did all that time go last year?
So it was interesting to chat to one of the members about their extensive experience with Rotary and how they had given so much back to the community and their view of Rotary. 
The discussion verymuch reminded me of this video, which I have put on the website. 
EnJoy (Thats a hidden pun)
Meetings restart next Friday  8th 

Alex Rotary Breakfast meetings restarting 8th January 

Welcome to all our readers and to 2021.  Wishing you all a happy and peaceful holiday season and a new year ahead. 
Weren't we supposed to be getting around in flying saucers by now? 
Anyway, its great to see our members have been keeping the health services and local panel beaters busy overthinking period, adding to Australia's GDP.
Thank you M&D (You know who you are) on behalf of "Scotty from marketing".
January Roster is.
Chairperson       Graeme H
Sergeant             Craig L
Rotary Minute  Errol R
Maitre'd.            John M 
Because the SLSC is getting very busy we're asking members to get orders in asap, so if you can help John to achieve target of before 6.50 that would be great. 
No doubt John will still be last to order (its a club secretary thing).
News from Doug 

News from Doug Gregory

We've had a newsy email from Doug Gregory, who some of our readers will recall was a regular visitor from Nova Scotia to the club. Doug lived in Maroochydore when he was here getting away from the winters, and a regular visitor and golfer. 
Doug is now living on Calgary (a covid hot spot apparently) but is in good spirits, and has been skiing and taking extended road trips, and I have the full letter. Please email me, and I'll send on to you. 
Meanwhile here's a stunning pic from Dougs new apartment..
Year ahead for Alex Rotary 

Year ahead for Alex Rotary 

The club has an exciting year ahead in 2021 and on top of our regular community activities (Solstice Swim, Clean Up Australia Day, Walk for Mental Health, Surf Show and Shine, Youth programs, Job Clubs and community support which seem to be mostly meeting the demand to improve folks amenity) we have the Rotary 100th anniversary celebrations, and will be helping Maroochydore Rotary with the National AGFR golf competition. Recognising the difficulties of knowing what the year may bring here is a very rough program for the year
- First meeting 8th January
- Preparations for Rotary 100th Anniversary 
-  Garden renovation project for disabled child
- Job Club at Hub gets go - ahead
- Clean Up Australia Day 
- 26th - 28th March - District Conference in Kingaroy
- ROMAC Quiz night
- Mooloolaba Music Trivia night 
- 17th April - Rotary 100th Anniversary Gala Dinner 
- Preparations for AGFR national golf competition 
- AGFR at Maroochydore
- RYLA camp at Coolum (1-7th May) 
- Preparations for Alex Solstice Swim 
- Solstice Swim 24th June
- Vocational Visit
- Rotary / USC 
- Donations in Kind
- Preparations for SSS
- Surf Show and Shine 
- Vocational visit
- "Lift the Lid" walk for mental health
- Maroochydore School Mock Interviews 
- Kids Christmas Part
- "Adults" Christmas party 
AGM and Board for 2021

Results of 2020 AGM

"A great mixture of experience, new members and younger members." (WG)
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