Cardiologist keeps club spell bound

Alana keeps club informed and entertained

Listen to your Heart (Doctor)

Our Guest Speaker last week was Dr Alana Harris who is a Cardiologist on the Sunshine Coast.
Having told us there are three critical areas of the heart - the electrical/wiring; the plumbing; and the structure,  she then described herself as a electrician who specialises in the "wiring" with the heart and how it works.
She showed us heart beat mapping and took us through the process of what happens following a referral from your friendly GP and showed us pretty pictures of how the heart pumps and beats!  From the stories and discussions later we think there are a couple of members who might take more notice of medical comments, diet and exercise suggestions!
Club visits the TIDE residences community centre

Thank you Val and John 

Sometimes Alex Surf Club gets busy and has trouble providing facilities and catering for our meeting.
Welcome home Val and John (from UK and Spain) just in time to organise our meeting in the recreational club at the complex in which they live.  We all really appreciate your speedy organising of the meeting space and while we were listing to the heart doctor, John was busy preparing a batch of muffins and croissants!   It was just as well Dr Alana didn't stay to see what we ate as many of the members attacked the croissants with lashings of strawberry jam and thick cream .... low in dairy fats and cholesterol of course!!
The Rec Club has space, tables and chairs and a great BBQ area which might be good in summer if we have a location problem again!
RUSSCF  Dinner

2022 Rotary and University of Sunshine Coast Dinner - well attended by a mix of Rotarians and Academics from SCU.

The Rotary Clubs of the Sunshine Coast have provided funding for PhD candidates at Sunshine Coast University. This scholarship award and dinner at the University has been on the Rotary calendar for a number of years and, needless to say, the funding is greatly appreciated
Dave Woodrow receives another award

Dave Woodrow recognised for services to Panel Beating Industry

In recognition for his support in keeping the panel beating industry alive during COVID our very own Dave Woodrow has ben recognised in the Premiers Award list for services to industry. There is also unconfirmed talk that the Insurance Council of Australia is considering a meritorious award for Dave.
We are all aware of Dave's reversing expertise, whether its a moving obstacle or a stationary tree, none are beyond Dave's accuracy behind the wheel but last week these expoloits were surpassed by a lady (who shall remain nameless) but who has clearly been studying the master behind the wheel and managed to reverse into her OWN car. Now that's an exceptionally difficult manoevere, well done Cherie. I'm sure you will also be receiving a certificate to go with Dave's.
Bunnings Sausages Sizzle

Great way to spend Fathers Day

Some fathers and grandfathers spend "Fathers Day" at home relaxing while some of us put on the fund-raising opportunity hat.
We cooked 55 kg of sausages and about 20kg of onions and managed to raise a few dollars for worthwhile projects in the community.
Giving up part of  Fathers Day in Charmaine's picture at shift "change-over",  L-R  Graeme Hight, Phil Gordon, John Malloy, Tony Freeman, Joy Unger, John Mucha and Ray Burton.  Angela Quigley had also been there but escaped before the photo!    The day cooking sausages was only a warm-up for Tony who went home and cooked a BBQ butterflied leg of lamb for the family dinner!
Indigenous Workstars come to visit

Alex Rotary - on top of the big issues !!

Just last week our meeting topic was Polio, and we know how the emerging virus story has developed in the media, and this week we gained some insight into the state of affairs with putting indigenous workers on the path to that all important job and making a difference to their outlook on life. 

Lachlan Anderson - Indigenous Workstar 

The club was treated to guest speaker Lachlan Anderson from Indigenous Workstars on Friday morning. Indigenous Workstars specialises in the placement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into meaningful employment throughout Australia. As a full service recruitment agency, Indigenous Workstars offers a suite of services for both jobseekers and employers to ensure the very best outcomes for both our candidates and clients.
Indigenous Workstars helps businesses find the right candidate for the job from our ever-growing database of over 11,000 skilled Indigenous workers, and it was uplifting to hear from Lachlan about his enthusiasm and professionalism in working between employers and candidates to place indigenous youth (predominately) on the path towards a successful career in various industries. 
We also heard some of Lachlan personal story and his family background, including the forced relocation of his grandmother, and their struggles. Lachlan also addressed the club in his mobs language and gave us an insight into how the legal system is working in Queensland, and the differences to NSW.
It was a very moving and thoughtful talk from Lachlan and we are grateful for sharing some of his story with us. 
Pride of Workmanship Invite

Pride of workmanship - You're invited

Medals and miniatures 

Are you a medal citizen?

Past Senior Citizen of the year, and golf aficionado Dave Woodrow spoke to the club about acknowledgement of community service and particularly the awarding of medals in recognition of going that extra yard as a citizen. Dave has been recognised for his community work in various fields and encourages anyone who knows of a deserving citizen to put their name forward for recognition by the community. 
Here's some of Dave's medals
Click on image to go to the links

Its all about email humour this week...


What’s the best thing about Switzerland?

I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.

I invented a new word!



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