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Strength and Purpose at Sunshine Coast Grammar
Anna Owen Principal of Sunshine Coast Grammar gave a most interesting speech as Guest speaker
Last week we were delighted to have as our guest speaker Anna Owen, principal of Sunshine Coast Grammar. Anna enlightened us about her school and its values, curriculum and the focus of Staff and students, on creating a nurturing and challenging school climate, that promotes equity and engages students, “to be the best they can be.”
Anna talked about building a community within the School that fosters a supportive systems and positive relationships between all members of the community and promoters a strong ethos of mutual care and concern.
There was a most interesting question and answer component of Anna’s talk in which the audience of Rotarians were given an opportunity to learn more about the “passion and purpose” of the school. Anna addressed each question fully. We learnt that the students had access to specialist teachers in a variety of their subject selections.  There was an emphasis not only in attending to a wide range of theoretical components that addressed subjects within the Australian curriculum, but also the students were introduced to the practical components that accompanied each section of the curriculum. The latest advances in teaching technology were employed at Suncoast grammar with a great measure of success.
A wellness programme that addressed aspects of the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of all students was an essential feature of Sunshine Coast Grammar.
The students had access in developing an empathetic “hands on” approach in  serving the local community based on their identified needs.  Sunshine Coast Grammar also linked in to help established projects like Rainbow House and Bloomhill Cancer Help, The students were given opportunities to attend oversea camps in their senior years, in sporting endeavours  and in so doing ,develop an active knowledge of different cultures.
Anna said there is an emphasis in grammar in identifying the goals and aspirations of students and in helping them in an individualized way to achieving their goals. 
Anna spoke about the Aquatic facilities that Grammar had at their disposal. The 50 metre pool that the school possessed was the only swimming pool in the Sunshine coast that was recognized by the standards set by FINA. Theses facilities were open not only to the Grammar students , but made available for the community.
The holistic approach to Learning and Well Being that Grammar promotes, goes a long way I feel in developing a student that can progress with  Passion and Purpose in the 21st century.
School is very different from our school days …. Sunshine Coast Grammar School offer a total of 70 subjects including the choices to specialise within many subjects …. English, maths, sciences, business studies, humanities, arts, technologies including computing and design,, sociology, psychology; the choices also include options for trade training which lead to Certificate 11 or 111 for some trade course to prepare students for life, work and university.
Cooking more at Urban Angels
Last week saw a great celebration at Urban Angels …. They have been in their new premises exactly one year! It was also a celebration as they have been able to expand upstairs with more assistance from people like Peter Hall and donations from Alex Rotary!
Wendy Gilson and Tony F represented the Alex team at the celebration, inspecting the expansion and checking out the new upstairs meal packing arena that includes two new freezers.
Urban Angels are currently pumping out 10,000 meals a month to the homeless and needs, PLUS they run the kitchen at the IFYS Hub for Homeless at Kawana that we have visited a few times. The new facilities will mean an initial increase to 12,000 then to 15,000 and hopefully allow expansion to 20,000 meals a month.  It’s incredible that in an affluent society there is such a high demand and Birgit, Emma, Michelle and the team do a marvellous job.
Birgit spoke of the successes, the expansion, the support within the community – especially from neighbours “The Men’s Shed”  who build things, fix things and grow fresh vegies!
They were keen to share the success and hard work of the team plus many volunteers to achieve a defined growth.
The additional work and storage space means they can take advantages …. Such as the 250kg of chickens last week which is in the new freezers; the van load of UHT Milk on the new shelf units!
The wonderful afternoon tea included home made treats, fresh fruit platter and the celebration chocolate and beetroot cake!
Birgit and IFYS CEO Tony Pinata both mentioned the great support from Rotary.
Rumour has it Wendy was shy when offered the piece of celebration cake but was delighted to take home a piece so she could have it for dessert!  The cake looked like a black forest cake without the cherries, but it was actually a very healthy chocolate and beetroot cake, layered with cream filling and hand decorated for the occasion!  It tasted great!
Bunnings Sausages Sizzle

Great way to spend Fathers Day

Some fathers and grandfathers spend "Fathers Day" at home relaxing while some of us put on the fund-raising opportunity hat.
We cooked 55 kg of sausages and about 20kg of onions and managed to raise a few dollars for worthwhile projects in the community.
Giving up part of  Fathers Day in Charmaine's picture at shift "change-over",  L-R  Graeme Hight, Phil Gordon, John Malloy, Tony Freeman, Joy Unger, John Mucha and Ray Burton.  Angela Quigley had also been there but escaped before the photo!    The day cooking sausages was only a warm-up for Tony who went home and cooked a BBQ butterflied leg of lamb for the family dinner!
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