What's happening at Alex Rotary ?
Skye's History, Anniversary celebrations, Hippo Rollers, New members, Parking, Trivia Quiz and University links 

Anniversary Celebrations - Dateclaimer Saturday 10th April at Maroochy RSL 

Saturday 10th April will be the Gala Dinner date for the Sunshine Coast Clusters celebration of 100 years of Rotary. Please note this date in your calendar for what promises to be a special evening to recognise and celebrate the 100 years of Rotary in Australia and particularly the achievements of some amazing Sunshine Coast Rotarians. 

Board Meeting Tuesday

There is a Board meeting this Tuesday by the miracle of ZOOM, all members most welcome to join in. 

Australia Day Celebrations

Buderim Rotary are holding a Picnic in the park. ( 3pm - 7pm) All welcome. 

Skye's History 

Every so often when things are quiet at the club we ask one of our members to tell us a little bit about themselves, and on Friday it was Skye's turn.
What an interesting history with Rotary Skye has had. As a Rotary exchange student she was offered a Germany placement. Not one of her country preferences..oops...but read on...
Nevertheless Skye was to make life along friendships and have a year that went all too quickly with Rotarians in Germany that would truly change her life. 
Skye has followed her passion to help others with an amazing career in occupational health and continues to give back to the community in a most inspiring way. Brilliant. 
It made a certain scribe think about the other Sunshine Coast Rotary Youth Exchange Students and their impact on the community....including former Rotary Youth exchange students Mayor Mark Jamieson and our local member of Parliament, Fiona Simpson. What stories they all could tell. 
And what will our more recent exchange students that the club continues to support be talking about in 20 years time? The Youth Exchange Program is truly an amazing Rotary activity. 

Gossip Corner

They say that accidents happens in three's. If thats the case then I can only suggest that members double check their car insurance. First Dave a couple of weeks ago, then Wendy...who will be No.3?
A certain Past President of the club, known for her sunny personality, amazing works for the SC kids and her brightly coloured fashion, has taken to the bike. It maybe a New Years resolution. Pedestrians take care have been warned. smiley
Also our hard working Wallis is back from WA and has already been sounding out really interesting guest speakers from the worlds of Health, Business and community.  A Vaccine information session is being planned. 

New Members

The club continues to grow, and we will shortly be inducting a new member who has considerable history with Rotary and the community generally. 
If you know of someone who you think may be interested in making a difference to the community, or who may have a passion for an issue that will benefit the community, please invite them along to our breakfast meetings, or let any board member know and we'll take it from there. 
Also a certain Past President noted that the gender balance after being heavily weighted to the gender of the male persuasion in the past, is now on parity with the fairer sex.

University Community Fund

Not everyone is familiar (or can remember the acronym RUSCCF - Rotary and the University of the Sunshine Coast Community Fund. 
But just to recall the impact that this Rotary / USC initiative started way, way back in the "Woodrow period" has had on students, here's a short story that a certain scribe heard at his first RUSCCF combined club dinner. 
The guest speaker relayed a time when he was working at Coles supermarkets, stacking shelves on nightshift. He had a young family, and was studying at USC. He was struggling, financially and wondering whether he had done the right thing by his family by putting himself through USC. 
Then he received a bursary from Rotary through RUSCCF.
Several things happened from that point. He didn't buy books or spend money on his study. He bought food for his family. Also by receiving recognition for his academic work he kept going with his studies and is now Dr. Greg Nash of the USC and a highly regarded academic and community leader.


Its that time of year again when the Alex SLSC parking lot is being loved to capacity on Friday mornings.
No surprise there with views like this in front of the club.  So here's some advice for visitors and spatially challenged members.
and here's John  and Tony having a surf after the meeting.."Hang ten Tony"smiley
But never fear there is a LARGE car park on Mari Street which if you park and go through the far away  pedestrian gate and walk way you'll find yourself at the pedestrian crossing in front of the club. 

School Bus 

If you ever wondered how kids get to school in the Gobi desert in Mongolia (.....and who doesn't?) ..Thanks Wendy for the contribution.
I believe that Health and Safety are investigating....

Hippo Rollers

Charmaine has been a regular at our meetings, (travel restrictions permitting) and we heard on Friday about the great work that she and other Rotarians are doing with "Hippo Rollers"
Here she is with a miniature version of a life changing device and an article taken from Rotary Down Under Magazine FYI. 

Trivia Quiz

ROMAC quiz is nearing and we're in training to take back the trophy we temporarily let another Rotary Club win last year. So brush up on your trivia ( I am looking at you Dave and Graeme) 
To refresh everyone's memory, her is the trophy and Marylin Freeman.
Eagle eyed readers will notice the "difference"
What is Rotary?

What exactly IS Rotary?

New Year is a time for resolutions, navel gazing (really?) and wondering just where did all that time go last year?
So it was interesting to chat to one of the members about their extensive experience with Rotary and how they had given so much back to the community and their view of Rotary. 
The discussion verymuch reminded me of this video, which I have put on the website. 
EnJoy (Thats a hidden pun)
AGM and Board for 2021

Results of 2020 AGM

"A great mixture of experience, new members and younger members." (WG)
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