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Fridays speakers - Salty Souls and Board Surf Charity

Fridays speakers 

This Friday we'll be hearing from Mark Skinner and Tamara & Kerry Smith about the great work their groups do in the community. We'll be doing our best to support these guys by having a HUGE fundraiser on Sunday 27th at the Mooloolaba Beach car park...did I mention that there will be a Kombi and Surfboard and entertainment thing going on?
Surf Show and Shine Kids area

Green Frogs Adventures putting on a show

While the mums and dads are enjoying the Great Rotary Surf Show Kombi show, the kids will be kept entertained by Green Frogs adventures who will have climbing walls and all sorts of kids adventures at the park in front of the car park.


Rotary Surf Show and Shine Bands confirmed
Bands at the Rotary Surf Show and Shine 
The covid plan has been developed by Wallis and lodged for approval, so its all looking good for Sunday 27th September at the beachfront. While Wallis has been liaising with the Queensland Health professionals, our very own Michelle, with help from Tamara at Salty Souls has been calling up the Sunshine Coast music community and Graeme H with Sienna Catholic College, we are delighted to let you know that these muso's are turning up on Sunday to support the community causes. Thanks so much guys...
  • Siena School Band...
  • Karrie Hayward....
  • The Dreggs.....
  • Tay Oskee.....
  • Anna & Jordan......
Bunnings - but not as you know it Jim

Bunnings is Back !!

On Saturday we were at Bunnings and we can report that we survived a very very busy day with some great work by the team. Here's a few pics taken by Skye (where did she get the time to take pics?) 

Under the mask is super chef Steve, who handled the morning shift, and our amazing master chef Tony did the afternoon shift.

Both never stopped all shift, and we understand slept very well on Saturday night. 

Below is our mate Stuart. I think the dark glasses, framed by the wire fence describes Stuart attitude to crowd control very well. Stuart is going for the border guard look. 
The queues were kept suitably subdued by his good looks and natural "take control" attitude. Some reports from the public about over aggressive spraying were ignored. 
Now this guy below is one of our volunteers who we couldn't have done without on the day, Steve P would normally be in China at the moment, but their loss is our gain, and our amazing ex-treasurer showed some fantastic teamwork with Skye on the morning shift. Big thanks to all our "ring ins".
Finally, a big thanks to everyone involved, it is certainly a bit harder work with the Covid restrictions but Sandi, Paula, Steve P, Steve N,  Craig, Tony, Stuart, Carmel, Wendy, Skye, Paul, Errol, Sean and a certain scribe did a fantastic job, and now we have some funds to pass onto the community. 
Mooloolaba Revitalisation Project Manager talks to club

Mooloolaba Revitalisation about to start 

The club welcomed Adam Stewart from Sunshine Coast Council and visitors James from NSW and Paul from Mooloolaba Rotary and James Baldwyn to hear Adam provide and informative talk and an amazing "fly through" of the future shape of Alex - Mooloolaba.
The work of revitalising the beachfront will start at the old caravan park car park after the Surf Show and Shine is over, and we'll see new walkways and geenspace and amenities flow from North to South until in a few years time all the beachfront will be an amazing recreational space for the community. The program should take place over 5 years or so, and is being scheduled to progress steadily without causing too much inconvenience as the foreshore is set up for the next 50 years. 
Thank you Adam for your talk, it was much appreciated. 
Volunteers register here please
Yes, I'm in to volunteer at Rotary Surf Show and Shine. (click on image)
Bill & Melissa visit club

Care Outreach comes to visit 

Bill and Melissa from Care Outreach reminded us on Friday morning why we're so keen to support them with our fundraising. These amazing folks and their army of volunteers go to the far flung districts of western Queensland (don't ask me to repeat them) to provide practical support to farmers and their families "doing it ought" in the outback. We were amazed at the coverage Bill went through on "questions without notice".
We've also managed to drag Bill and Melissa away from their work on Sunday 27th, and they'll be putting up a Care Outreach stall at the Mooloolaba beach car park to let our visitors know what Care Outreach does for the farmers and their families, who are still suffering after 8 - 9 years of drought, and the crushing day to day lives that many of them have endured during that time. 
A film documentary is being made of what Care Outreach do in the outback, and Bill related a "normal day" for one of his visits which ended after almost 20 hours on his feet, up to his neck in mud trying to pull a steer out of a waterhole. 
Craig gave a vote of thanks to Melissa and Bill on behalf of the club..
Rotary Passport Club at Breakfast meeting 

Welcome Sunshine Coast Passport Club

We welcomed Brian Wallace and the team from Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary to our Friday breakfast meeting. 
The Pasport club is a relatively new Rotary club with members from all over the region , all of whom are interested in "making a difference" to the community, and for community minded citizens whose lifestyle does not suit regular meetings. So if this sounds like something our readers would be interested in please get in touch with the club at and to see whats going on go to
Brian and the Passport members are always on the look out for opportunities to help out at Rotary and Community events, and so it was very timely visit, with President Wendy grabbing the Passport volunteers to help "man the entrances" to the Rotary Surf Show and Shine.
And it was especially good as we had Melissa and Bill as guest speakers, where the Passport members could hear about the fabulous work that Care Outreach does in Queensland outback.  
"The Rotary Club of Sunshine Coast Passport (Provisional) is the proposed new, innovative Rotary club based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.
The club we're planning to build will look and feel a little different to many traditional Rotary clubs as we are focussed less on meetings, and more on community service." 
The Art Precinct is taking Shape

Surf Art is coming to Surf Show and Shine 

During the week Owen Cavanagh has been contacting his artistic mates and we'll be sending out a newsletter shortly with the artists who will be at our Surf Show and Shine event.

Also stay tuned for what Bands are coming and what the "special attractions" are at the kids area. 

Owen has exhibited his work in Australia, Italy & Spain and we're fortunate to have him on our Sunshine Coast. Here's a taste on what you can expect.

We're also hoping to attract some other artists to the show, and designer in chief Steve has created a mini art gallery on the SSS plan which will have some sculptures and some truly mind blowing surfboard art work. 

Also an honourable mention to Mark who helped the event out with putting Nathan from Sunrise skips onto the event. Nathan has done us a great favour by donating a skip for the event. We're on the look out for wheelie bins now...
Rotary / Toastmasters 

The Toastmasters / Rotary relationship continues

Mike Storkey’s wife Lesley Storkey has just been announced as an International Director of Toastmasters International.
This is a two-year appointment to the International Board of Toastmasters; she will be the Director from Region 12 which covers Australia, New Zealand, PNG, parts of Indonesia.
The Toastmasters Convention was scheduled to be in Paris during August and was converted to an on-line- “virtual” convention because of Covid-19.  Voting from around the world took place on Friday evening (our time) and results announced about 7.30 am today (Sunday) which would have been somewhat nerve wracking!
It is fantastic news for us given the new alliance between Rotary and Toastmasters.
On behalf of Alex Headland Rotary and District 9600, a big congratulations to Lesley.
Tony Freeman
Youth Driving Schemes

Special Rotary Minute from Tony

The terrible road toll on our youth was Tony's theme on Friday and the Rotary Young Drivers Scheme (RYDA). Tony's Rotary Minute spoke to a personal connection where a young girls life was lost not long after receiving their driving licence.
This led to other discussion and some other memories, some from Steve and the beginnings of the RYDA scheme as "U turn the wheel" to teach kids of the risks of driving started in the Moss Vale club.
From the Rotary Club of Mossvale website..
"The U Turn the Wheel program for Year 11 students in the Southern Highlands is now funded by generous grants from IMB Community grant , Mittagong RSL Community funding and Moss Vale McDonald's. The program includes presentations from NSW Police, NSW Ambulance, Driving school, Trade Practices, Road Accident victims and Youth Solutions. The program is run over 3 days.  These Community members give their time freely to support the program and believe in the strong principles Rotary has instilled in the event. This has ensured the respect of the students listening to the message as well as the delivery of a quality, educational program with achievable goals.The U Turn the Wheel has always been provided to students FREE of charge. This has been a strong principle adopted by the Moss Vale Rotary Club which allows all students to participate and benefit from the important road safety event."
Then Graeme reflected on his experiences with Sunshine Coast kids when shown the horrific consequences of the road toll. And there are many other youth driving awareness schemes, including IFYS and PYC which the club has supported in the past. 
Good to know that there are Rotarians all over helping the youth with their driving responsibilities. 
Thank you Tony for a reflective Rotary "Minute" with everyone was pleased to contribute to.
First Female Rotary President

Rotary will have first female president in 2022 - 2023

Hot off the press and in your Rotary news....Some would say not before time. Rotary is to have its first female Rotary International President. Fantastic. 
Mobile phones help prevent Domestic Violence
Next time you are out shopping and near the great folks at King IT, be sure to take along your old mobile phone and support these great people who are providing life lines to those in a DV situation. Well done King IT. 
ClubRunner Mobile