What's happening at Alex Rotary ?
Gala Raffle details

Saturday night Gala Dinner 

Maroochy RSL is teh place to be on Saturday night, for the Rotary 100th Anniversary gala dinner. Bookings have now closed, and if there are any last minute arrangements, please let Val or Wendy know.
So we'll be welcomed by the mayor, and enjoy a nice meal, some dancing, raffles and a few surprises no doubt. 
See you there. 
Masks come to the breakfast meetings

Chairman Dave shows how its done

We've been really lucky on the coast in avoiding much of the pandemic and its awful effects.
But that has a downside and has created an unforeseen problem for some of us who have forgotten how to apply a face mask. Fortunately Dave was chairman on Friday and showed us how it was done. 
Another Toad bites the dust

Sean receives the silver toad award (again)

Dave W presented Sean with a repaired "Silver Toad" environmental award, after a mishap with the previous trophy. We're not entirely sure if this is the same toad as before, (don't all toads look the same?) but we suspect our mate Dave is gradually cleaning up Mountain Creek by bathing toads in molten silver. Just saying. 
However Sean seems pleased to have been recognised for his services. BTW, dont know whether it was all the excitement of receiving this award, but shortly after this picture was taken Sean has ended up in hospital after a fall, and thankfully is now recooperating. Get well soon Sean.
NBN Speaker  - Tristan

Tristan talks IT Infrastructure - club talks toilets

An interesting talk from the NBN Community ambassador on Friday. Who would have thought that toilets would be the major item of discussion on the "Internet of things?" 
In 5 years you will be able to have 30 devices connected to the internet to do and tell you everything you need to know. Surprisingly (maybe not) this led to a very informative (if gross) discussion about Japanese toilets and diagnostics that are better left unsaid.
But full marks to Tristan and Wallis for organising a talk that shows you are never to old to learn. This from a certain scribe who can recall when you had to go to the box at the end of the street to use the phone, and an apples and blackberries were something else entirely.  
New District Governor 

New Rotary District Governor 

We have a new governor, please see note below from Darryl Issepi. 

Club Presidents and Secretaries,
Rotary International District 9600 and 9630
On Saturday 10th April 2021, the District Nominating Committee for District Governor interviewed eligible Candidates for the position of District Governor for Rotary year 2023-24 for District 9620..
On behalf of DGs Patrice Robinson and Neil Black and the Committee, I advise that the decision reached at that meeting is that Paul Roger of the Rotary Club of Greater Springfield has been selected as our Governor for the Rotary year 2023-24, and as per RI By-law 12.030.5 in the 2016 Manual of Procedure, I hereby advise all clubs in our District of the selected candidate.
By-law 12.030.7 provides for ‘Challenging Candidates’  who must have been duly suggested by a Rotary Club to the Nominating Committee.
Also in accordance with By-law 12.030.7, I advise that any challenge must be received by me no later than Tuesday 27th April 2021, and must comply with the procedural requirements specified in the relevant RI By-laws.
Kind regards in Rotary Service,
Darryl Iseppi
Committee Chair
THRIVE - what's happening 

New Wall on Aerodrome Road

The Sunshine Coast has some great volunteer groups, and local philanthropist, Mal Pratt has set up the THRIVE group on Aerodrome road to help the community groups who are working to help kids get back on teh right path. 
Noel Boxer is the leader and organiser of the complex, and we met with Noel and his team and Tamara and Kerry from SalTy Souls on Friday to see if we could help establish a base for SalTy Souls and give Kerry and Tamara back their garage and a central base. Stay tuned for more info. 
Meanwhile apart from helping kids with car mechanics, music groups and surf schools, the THRIVE Team have put up these fantastic murals on Aerodrome Road. 
Casey's garden makeover dateclaimer 

Got a few hours to change a young fella's garden?

Our mate Mark Skinner has let us know that the date for Casey's garden makeover is now Saturday 17th April. If you can spend a few hours before getting spruced up for the Gala Dinner, let club secretary know.
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