It's on again!

SunnyCoast Solstice Swim 

Come and enjoy a mid winter swim on the Sunny Coast. Pick your swim distance and join in for a day of fun at Alex SLSC while supporting the Sunshine Coast White Ribbon Organisation
Kids go first on a MINI SWIM before the main swim event 
White Ribbon is the premier organisation that exists to STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE by changing the attitudes and behaviours that lead to conflict in the home. Show your support for the programs that White Ribbon run to intervene in family situations and help prevent the tragedies that occur the home. 
Alex Rotary and Alex SLSC are local clubs of national and International organisations who support the community through our fantastic members and volunteers.
All the funds raised today will go towards Domestic Violence awareness and education

Sunday 7th July

Come along to Alex SLSC in the middle of Winter to show your support for the White Ribbon Organisation. 
This year Alex Rotary and Alex SLSC have got together to run the Winter Solstice Swim legs in aid of the Sunshine Coast White Ribbon Organisation.
We're usually guaranteed beautiful Sunshine Coast weather for the swims which are a great opportunity to shake off those mid - winter blues with a dip in the ocean in front of the Alex SLSC. 
This year we are BIGGER than last year. We start with  MINI swim for 9-14 year olds to get things underway.  We're also staging a MINI SWIM for Solstice and is designed for those who can competently swim approximately 500 metres. It is to encourage 14 and under swimmers to join in before mum and dad do the longer swims. This swim takes entrants from 9 and 14 year old and is an ideal way to introduce the participants to the joys of ocean swimming.   
After the U14's are out of the water, the serious swimmers get into the ocean for the 5Km swim. Then the 3 Km swimmers get going, followed by the 1 Km swimmers.

The courses

All the courses will be clearly marked in the bay by buoys. There will be SLSC wardens on the course and will follow the stragglers in to the finish. 
All swims start and finish on the beach in front of the SLSC. The timing mats are underneath the start / finish be sure to log in and off via the archway. Also be sure to return the anklet when you finish the course.
Different courses will have different colour caps.
  • The 5Km swim should only be attempted by very experienced ocean swimmers and if you have any reservations, please discuss your concerns with the swim captain on the day. 
Our Great Sponsors
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White Ribbon


Alex Rotary

Sunshine Coast Council



Registration well ahead of time will ensure a better chance of getting the right size T shirt.
Solstice Swim 2019 Program

Program for the Day 

07.30 Registration opens for all swim legs in front of Alex SLSC
Get your T shirts & delegated swim caps
Pick up goodies bag
Put on timing wizard
08.30 Yoga in the park - a warm up for the swimmers before going into the water
All Swims start and finish in front of Alex SLSC
08.45 Sponsors Mini Swim (9 - 14)  
This is a short swim for Nippers and the likes. The 5 Km swim will NOT commence till all the kids are out of the water, and the Alex SLSC staff have moved from the mini swim positions to the longer swim leg positions.
09.00 5.0Km race starts (Serious swimmers)  
This swim is for serious swimmers only. It will be consist of a short, medium and long leg all within the Alex bay. 
9.15 3.0Km race starts (Intermediate)  
A testing swim length for those who have completed this length of course previously. 
9.30  1.0Km race starts (Cool dudes) 
A shorter swim leg, for those cool dudes who are more comfortable with the 1 km length.
Results will be available from 10.30 Onwards 
11.00 Presentation  
12.00 - 16.00 Entertainment at the Alex SLSC followed by State of Origin II on the BIG screen
Entries and Prizes
Entry Fees
MINI SWIM                                    $25              for 9 - 14 year olds 
1,3 or 5Km Swims                        $40             for +12 year olds 
All swim entrants will receive ....
  • Goodies bag with lots of vouchers
  • Swim Cap
  • T shirt 
  • Mini Swim 1st 2nd 3rd will receive Zoggs Goggle
  • 1km swim 1st, 2nd,3rd - Zoggs goggles
  • 3Km swim $50 1st prize, 2nd, 3rd - Zoggs goggles
  • 5Km race $250 first prize, 2nd, 3rd - Zoggs goggles 
Giant Raffle Prizes 
  • Accommodation vouchers
  • Dinner Vouchers
  • Water sports equipment
  • Sports Vouchers
  • Club Vouchers
Extreme Weather Contingency
As with any ocean activity, we may have to change plans to suit the weather. So some changes may be necessary on the day. If the weather is bad we will endeavour to offer an alternative course. We'll do whatever we can to ensure a fun and competitive swim on the day.
Stay tuned to the SLSC facebook page.
If the weather is so bad that nothing can be done on the day, we will hold the event at an alternative weekend. 
Once you register and give the club your email address we will keep in touch with any last minute changes via email