Key Messages from Part 3

  • �  The training you receive at work is only the start. It may be minimal, you will need to add to that training through your own efforts

  • �  Work adds value. You need to work out where your job adds value, and do those (critical) tasks really well that add the most value.

  • �  Everyone serves a customer wherever they work. Even the boss is a customer. Try and figure out how you can add more value to that customer.

  • �  Customers have expectations – understand what they are. Try and exceed them

  • �  Never make promises to a customer that you can’t keep.

  • �  Work is repetitive. Establish a work routine that sets you up for being good at your job.

  • �  Electronic media is everywhere: work, home, leisure. Learn to change your interaction with it as you transition to work.

  • �  Phone and email are a large part of most new starters communication at work. Learn how to use these tools to improve your reputation.