Rotary Against Malaria

Rotary is such a large organisation, and does so many things in communities around the world that sometimes its hard to keep track. On Friday Carmel reminded us of RAWCS, and specifically what we can do to help combat Malaria and dengue fever in Queensland...and all that it involves is picking up bottle tops !!. Apparently one bottle top with rainwater inside is enough to store millions of mosquito eggs. 
Good one Carmel

Welcome to Rotarians Against Malaria – an activity of Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS)

Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) is a volunteer-run organisation working to eliminate malaria. In 1900s, malaria was pandemic in the world. One can only imagine the burden of malaria disease to all countries. Progress has been made. Fifteen years ago, malaria killed a child every 30 seconds. Under the Millennium Development Goals, however, considerable progress was made in preventing, diagnosing and treating malaria. As a result, deaths have fallen by 60 percent. Now, under the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals, we are aiming to reduce malaria cases and deaths by a further 90 percent by 2030.