Bunnings is Back !!

On Saturday we were at Bunnings and we can report that we survived a very very busy day with some great work by the team. Here's a few pics taken by Skye (where did she get the time to take pics?) 

Under the mask is super chef Steve, who handled the morning shift, and our amazing master chef Tony did the afternoon shift.

Both never stopped all shift, and we understand slept very well on Saturday night. 

Below is our mate Stuart. I think the dark glasses, framed by the wire fence describes Stuart attitude to crowd control very well. Stuart is going for the border guard look. 
The queues were kept suitably subdued by his good looks and natural "take control" attitude. Some reports from the public about over aggressive spraying were ignored. 
Now this guy below is one of our volunteers who we couldn't have done without on the day, Steve P would normally be in China at the moment, but their loss is our gain, and our amazing ex-treasurer showed some fantastic teamwork with Skye on the morning shift. Big thanks to all our "ring ins".
Finally, a big thanks to everyone involved, it is certainly a bit harder work with the Covid restrictions but Sandi, Paula, Steve P, Steve N,  Craig, Tony, Stuart, Carmel, Wendy, Skye, Paul, Errol, Sean and a certain scribe did a fantastic job, and now we have some funds to pass onto the community.