Making memories for Casey, Mel, and Clinton

On Saturday morning we were delighted to have been invited to participate in Casey's garden makeover. (actually complete transformation thanks to Jason from Ilandscapes). Some photo's below, and some great volunteers turned up on the day, including some who had been at Casey's for the last 2 - 3 weeks making a new concreted shaded area, as well as new gardens, fairy lights and building a trampoline. Cubby house was also spotted. 
So well done Mark and Bev from The Board Meeting surf charity and all the contractors and folks from the community, including of course Todd and Sami from mix FM who provided the laughs and the BBQ. 
A special "hats off" also to our mates at Mooloolaba Rotary who provided Casey with an Ipad and learning software that will help the young fella with his communication as grows older. 
Its always heartwarming to see the great volunteers we have on the Coast and there was around 40 volunteers there on Saturday morning to show support where became a bit overwhelming for the family. Casey seemed to enjoy the activity and has now an amazing shaded area, and a cool back bedroom, and a HUGE backdoor where he can play and make lots of memories. 
Casey seems to be wondering and asking Mel what all the fuss is about..
This is what garden looked like at 7 am...all achieved in previous weeks by Jason and the volunteer contractors 
...and a few hours later...
The fantastic Saturday morning team 
The Rotarian team with Bev and Mark Skinner