A Tres chic Fashion show at Blue illusions to fundraise to support Education and enhance Learning Outcomes in a Fun and meaningful way.

The Rotary Club of Alexandra Headland had a successful Fundraising Fashion show at Blue Illusions last Saturday by Fundraising for two iPads for some students at Papunya Indigenous  School in the NT.  The support of some Rotary members including two gentlemen from our club and their partners, along with representatives of the community, made for a entertaining  afternoon. 

Chris the manager of Blue illusions, regaled all by her professional knowledge of the designs and history of each of each garment. The models represented the different age groups who could wear the Styles.

It was a very personal friendly event, when friends and fellow Rotarians did their best to make the models feel at ease. It was like having best friends over for cocktails and nibblies in ones own home.

Everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of an afternoon in a Shop that highlighted an afternoon on the Champs Elesse perhaps , sipping Champagne and surrounded by beautiful fabrics and silk garments- watching the models showcase the fashions designed in Paris.

After the fashion show the rush was on to purchase the garments.   A number of credit cards got a good work out. Apparently it was one of the best fashion sales in a long while.

We were out in 3 hours. However our show was booked for another two hours, so Chris intimated that the sales that came to their shop within the last two hours could be accredited to us. Hopefully. We also have been promised a further discount of 15% from a friend who works in America at Apple. We may be able to purchase two new Apple ipads what with sizeable donations and discounts.

The use of Technology that is inherent in Apple’s new iPads will utilize the Bitsboard , that provides Interactive activities, that will allow students to explore the rich environment, that is a feature of this beautiful part of the world. Students will conduct studies of the plants and birds and wildlife that surround their school. They will be able to document their learning outside the classroom. 

The students will utilize Apple’s Photographic component within the iPad to capture the true colours  and hues of the environment in which the students live.

 Students will study the tracks of animals and record their characteristic behaviours.

The ipads will facilitate students having a video record of engaging with Elders and Local rangers, who hold precious cultural knowledge.  These interviews  are important for documenting the history of their ancestors. They will also utilize this technology to capture the local Luritija language . This Interactive process of preserving the language of this area, will strengthen students sense of identity and self -worth and assist in the development of literacy and numeracy skills throughout all areas of the curriculum.

In providing two iPads for students at a remote Indigenous school, then we are also supporting one of Rotary foundations Areas of Focus and that is to ensure that children have access to quality basic education and literacy.

Our intrepid reporter Joy