"No soldier needs to struggle alone"

Last Friday Nick Foster Jones was our guest speaker. Nick is a good friend of Paul Scott and Paul introduced Nick as a veteran who is doing some amazing work helping soldiers (and their families) who are suffered teh after effects of serving Australia. Things like transitioning to society, PTSD, and the like. So Nick established "Diggers Rest" out at Beerwah and is gradually creating an amazing retreat for soldiers and their families with accommodation facilities, activities, organised adventure trips, and outdoor therapy.
Nick was incredibly enthusiastic about his cause and had some personal stories around these issues that brought home to us how demanding serving one's country can be. Unfortunately there is a great demand for folks like Nick and Karen Foster - Jones and the work they do to fill the gaps and mentor  soldiers after their service term is over and the damage that the service has created needs to be repaired. The diggers rest relies heavily on community support so spread the word about the great local work being done by Nick and his team.