Its a small world after all

If you look at the photo of the Saturday team who helped out at Casey's yard, you won't see him, because he's in the background, not taking centre stage as is his way. Jason was when project managing and working hard on Casey's garden transformation for the past 3 weeks and he'll be there again when the front garden gets done. 
Jason Kay is an unassuming quiet achiever, who helps out annually, volunteering his time, equipment, materials on garden makeovers for those in need. 
Mark Skinner acknowledged that Jason from Ilandscapes made it all happen, so when a certain scribe thanked him for all his efforts, he was intrigued to find out that not only had he he had been doing this amazing life changing work for folks in the community for years, but in his younger days he was a surf mate of Ty Kennedy (SalTy Souls Legacy) and they hung out together (There was some mention of under their under age "sherbet drinking" and a suggestion of some "hi jinks"  - but I'm not sure what all that was about, and anyway statute of limitations and all that).
Its a small world, and great to meet a community minded sunny coast volunteer who is using his skills, and business, to "make a difference" to lives of others.