COVID Plans on the Sunshine Coast laid out for the club 

A big thank you to our guest speaker Robb Major, and of course our very own Wallis W for twisting Robb's Arnm to give up some of his valuable time to come to the club and tell us all about the planning and execution of the COVID roll out. 
I must say that although I keep hearing about the hard work that is going on among the health professionals, what Robb took us through on Friday morning was truly mind blowing. 
Robb is charged with getting the public health network in Sunshine Coast right in regards to the roll out. So we heard what has been going on at National, State and Sunshine Coast level. The logistics involved in making sure that everyone in Australia has the opportunity to be vaccinated, and to do it guided by the risk profile of the community, from First Nations people, old folks, disabled folks, folks who don't live anywhere near health centres, and recognising that the initial Pfizer vaccine can only be moved at -70 degrees, and only moved 4 times from the production centre, makes for interesting planning. 
Robb's talk made me appreciate how talented and hard working our health professional are, and on a selfish note, made us all a lot clearer on what the immediate pandemic / vaccination future looks like for folk on the Sunny Coast.
Thank you Robb and Wallis.