By any measure this has been an awful start to the year with drought, bushfires, flood and now Corona Virus. As a club we'll be harnessing our resources together to make sure that we stay safe and continue to look for areas where we can "make a difference" to our community. 

At recent board meeting we acknowledged that our two major fund raisers are in danger this year, the Surf Show and Shine Kombi show, and the Winter Solstice Swim. 
Nevertheless, our members have been looking at how do we come out of this stronger and in better shape to help the community and there are a couple of initiatives that we'll be discussing at our club meetings that President Carmel will be raising. 
Also, not all help has to be financial, and we've been blessed by great volunteers and friends who help out in whatever way they can. Already we're investigating a community landscaping project, and also had discussions with a youth group about helping youngsters with job searches, interviews and work practices through our WorkLife program. 
So while things are a bit quiet, have a think about your passion, and what you would like to see Rotary do in the community to help repair ourselves once this disaster has passed.  
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The relationships formed by the volunteer work and the community is blossoming and its something the club would like to continue to support, and hopefully continue on as a Cluster activity. On Friday some ideas were aired about how we could facilitate providing support and aid to the Sunshine Coast Community
Surf Show and Shine 
The Sunshine Coast Council have withdrawn community events permit for the event, but we're wanting to get the vent back on as soon as possible. 
Drought Relief
The club has a long history if drought relief support, and in 2020 we're sure the demand will still be there. At the end of the year President Mike, Tony and John met with Care Outreach to explore ways to support their work via Rotary grants. We expect information will be coming forward in the next couple of months that we'll bring to the club meeting. 
The two BBQ's thus far this year plus one in May will allow the club to donate community funds. If you have a special cause, let the club know and we'll see what we can do. 
Solstice Swim 
The swim has become a feature of the Sunshine Coast winter season, and this year we've approached Salty Souls as a beneficiary, which we expect to be a long term relationship where we can help Kerry and the team with their great work.