NYSF sponsored student comes to visit

Last November Saara joined teh club breakfast meeting and briefed the club on her NYSF experiences - through ZOOM. 
Alex Rotary has a tradition of sponsoring International Baccalaureate students from Mountain Creek on Rotary leadership experiences, so it was nice to see our latest sponsored student, Saara, with her mum Kaisa on Friday morning.  Although missing that personal touch, it was great to hear from Saara that networks and friendships have developed over the ZOOM platform. Also great to hear that Saara and her mates had been showcasing STEM to the local primary schools and inspiring the next generation. It is such a joy to hear from the leaders of the younger generation, such as Saara, and the club is pleased to have played a small part in Saara's future. 
The club knows from the feedback from previous NYSF students that the experience of mixing with Australian leaders in STEM and their peers has a profound influence on the next generation of leaders in Science...and we're sure it will be no exception for Saara.