This is how Victim blaming works...and its all of us.. (controversial?)

Friday mornings sergeant session turned very thoughtful on Friday when our Sergeant and resident IT Guru (Sean) reflected on the observation that it took nearly 40 years before women were admitted to Rotary. Sean noted that some of the folk he had met in Africa would say that was the women's fault. Phew!
But is it so unusual nowadays? I'd hope that most folk would perhaps reflect on that and say well, it took some time but at last the culture has changed for the better and eventually the men of Rotary did the right thing. 
So whose fault was it that it took 40 years from the first proposal to admit women? How about the argument that its the "women's fault"...they should have done more and obviously "didn't do enough". 
As Sean knows from his personal experience (and many of us have observed in our own lives) this victim blaming technique of those in power and practised on those being wronged by the system is getting all too common in many aspects of our lives, and unfortunately its happening here in Australia too....... once the land of the "fair go"