Volunteering on the Sunshine Coast

John James from Suncoast Care was our speaker on Friday. John is no stranger to Rotary, as he is a past Paul Harris fellow, but this was his first visit to Alex Rotary.
As it turned out we had a lot in common with Suncoast Care group as it has strong links to Bill & Melissa at Care Outreach and also works with "The Shack" on the the community problems on the Sunshine Coast. 
John gave a very positive and inspiring talk on the work that his team does on the Sunshine Coast every day of the week, rain hail or shine. We were reminded of the relentless nature of community work as John went through the food bank activities that his colleagues do every day of the week to provide support, physical and social to those in need. 
Trucks and utes and volunteers as far south as Rocklea markets then all around the Sunshine Coast to help out those who quite simply, would not manage without this kind of help. 
When you listen to people like John talk about what they and other community work leaders do ...then you realise what a debt the community owes to these selfless citizens who put in every day to "make a difference". Well done Suncoast Care. 
A little bird told President Wendy that John had lost his Paul Harris fellow badge, attracted a fine and which was corrected at the meeting, as you can see below.