Membership / Contact us

We welcome new members, and encourage potential members to attend at least 3 breakfast meetings before deciding whether Rotary, and our club, is for them.

If you think our club is for you, then simply make your desire known to one of the Committee and we’ll take it from there.

There will be a short orientation where we will discuss expectations from ourselves and yourself.

As a new member you will be be encouraged to engage in community activities, most of the activities we get involved in can be seen on this website. You will also receive club badge and T shirt, and may wish to receive Rotary International information via internet and websites.

Club meeting attendance is not compulsory, we simply ask members to attend as best they can.

Following this the club will normally make arrangements to induct you into Rotary and present you with club shirt and other club, district, and Rotary International information.

The fees for membership are $100 per 6 months. Fees go towards Rotary International and support Australian and International Rotary Projects.


John Malloy (President) 0447 300 753

[email protected]

Bob Lane (Treasurer)

[email protected]

Joy Cowan (Secretary) 

[email protected]