Jan 12th Blog

Bianca is our latest Youth Exchange Student

On Friday Bianca Aird spoke to the club breakfast group as she is about to begin a very exciting year as the clubs Rotary Youth Exchange Student next week.  After 4 plane flights from Brisbane to Valencia, Bianca will finally be met by her new Rotary family and begin an amazing year of fantastic experiences in Europe before returning to Australia to pick up her studies again.

We are looking forward to reading regular updates of Bianca’s blog and the club wishes her every success in her year of Rotary Youth Exchange.

Bianca is following the trail of a number of very successful Youth Exchange Students from the Alex Rotary club, including our honorary member Fiona Simpson MLA.

Club News

“One good pair of legs between them” 

You could not fail to notice the matching “twins” Tony Freeman (Leg brace / scaffold) and Mike Storkey (moon boot) holding on to each other for support (memories of Hogmanay) at the club breakfast. Tony is expected to make a full recovery from a torn knee tendon, but not until March, and Mike is hoping to have the moon boot off in a couple of weeks. Get well soon.

New roles at breakfast

Errol was our first “happy waiter” on Friday, and Gary is our Facebook contributor for this month. Any contributions / photo’s etc, please send through to Gary, and keep our club Facebook alive by checking us out on www.facebook.com/AlexHeadRotary

Upcoming events

On Australia Day we’ll be having a BBQ by the beach. Bill B is coordinating this casual get together. More news next week, but basically a relaxing BYO BBQ by the beach …what could be nicer?

On 19th January, Errol & John will represent the club at the local Rotary Cluster meeting to start the ball rolling on the Care House & Garden project.

On 2nd February we’ve arranged a guest speaker from AIME who do some fantastic work with the indigenous community.

Club Projects

Work is starting on the iconic Surf Show & Shine this week, with organisers in chief Chris Baker & Denys Alt getting together to review the project planning. Stay tuned for more details as we head towards another successful community event.

Also the club is keen to follow the success of this event with the second SunnyCoast Solstice Swim, so we’ll be starting on the organising and promote of that event in the next few weeks. Bob L is putting his thinking cap on, and will kick off the process shortly.

These two large projects occur within a month of each other, so we’re looking at the regular Alex Rotary Golf Day, and trying to figure out the best time to hold the event, and how we can attract more golfers and sponsorship. Bill B did a fantastic job last year, pretty much on his own, and this year we’ll try and enlist some help from outside and inside the club to help.

Errol & John are liaising with the Rotary cluster clubs to complete the feasibility of two major community projects, the Community care garden landscaping project, and the much bigger “house build” project for community crisis care. More information on these projects as it comes to hand.

With start of the school year, the WorkLife project is sending out booklets to a number of local high schools, to offer Rotarian help to the students in transitioning to work. Later in the year we’ve been invited to present at the jobs fair. Stay tuned.

As always, if members have any bright ideas, please let the organisers or the board know your thoughts.

Club Social 

With only one “5th Friday” in the next 6 months, the club is looking at having at least one other social evening outside of our “normal” club roster. Mike S is exploring a number of options for a social get-together.

New roles for Youth 

Prue is having a “bit of a rest” which is long overdue as she has been the mainstay of the club for quite a few years with her youth duties and her business contacts, not to mention her personal community involvements.

So we’re delighted to say the Graeme H has put his hand up to be Youth Counsellor for the club, and David W has agreed to be Youth director.

Stuart continues as Youth Officer and represents the club on the District Youth Board.

Rotary News

The Sunshine Coast will have a major Rotary presence this year. The District conference is in April and before that on 18th March, Rotary International President, Ian Riseley, will be on the coast for a Rotary Meeting & Dinner.

You will also have seen the latest moves to rationalise the number of Rotary districts in Queensland, and the Pacific Islands. Stay tuned for more news.