2020 Changeover 

On Friday morning bright and early we welcomed new President Wendy and new President Elect Stuart at the "Changeover Breakfast". Here they are being introduced by President Wendy under the national and international flags exchanged by the club over the years. 
Tony expertly chaired the meeting where we welcomed guests, partners, past members and friends to the Bluff room decked in International and National flags to celebrate the event. (Thank you David and Errol) Past President Mike summarised the club efforts over the past year, and Errol gave the International toast, while Wendy had a few interesting awards to give out. 
Dave W had an iterating environmental award which seemed to involve some kind on metal taxidermy (don't ask). 
We were delighted to see a strong gathering, including Honorary member Fiona Simpson, who took time out from her hard working schedule to join us, as did Presidents from Mooloolaba (Geoff Hopkins) and Maroochydore (Paul Scott), as well as past members Denys, Bob and our new friend Steve. We also welcomed Val Saunders from Maroochydore and partners Paula and Cherie, Marilyn and Lesley. We also welcomed Sandi and Craig.  Thank you all. 
 and here are some interesting pics from the morning proceedings..
President Wendy, who has been the backbone of the club for several years now..
David W seems to be offering advice to Errol who gave the Rotary International toast..
Room looked fabulous..
President Wendy had arranged some unexpected awards, this one for Lesley's chauffeuring...
Sean was bemused and delighted to receive the "Silver Toad"  award. Not so sure the toad was quite as happy?
The club received a certificate of appreciation from Vicky Meyer for our support of IFYS's recent "Stadium Hub" project that saw 175 citizens housed during the COVD crisis - and a childbirth from what would otherwise have been a homeless couple I hear. Fantastic work by IFYS and the team at the Stadium.