Fridays meeting 

Caloundra Pacific members, Barbara Bailey, Diana Latham and Win Fowler, plus Cherie's brother Ken came to visit us on Friday morning. Being a breakfast club has its challenges for visitors, being so early but not as early as President Wendy advised. Also for most of us engaging our grey matter at that time in the morning can be problematic. 
Our usually ever reliable and experienced Chairman Dave did a marvellous job until this moment (captured by Tony), when he made the understandable mistake of confusing Caloundra Pacific, with Caloundra.  
This is the expression older folk have when your brain and your voice refuse to communicate with each other for the third time. 
And here is President Wendy accepting a certificate of appreciation via Bryan Mason from ROMAC on behalf of the club. Alex Rotary have been great supporters (and winners) of ROMAC and the ROMAC trivia quiz. 
Win has now been given the task of studying past photo's of the ROMAC trophy to try to determine what those naughty Rotarians at Alexandra Headland have been doing to their beloved trophy. 
and here's Barbara speaking to the club about the great work that Caloundra (Pacific) are doing in their neck of the woods. 
and despite our Chairman's faux pas('s), the visitors were still on good terms at the end of the meeting...
Caloundra Pacific meet every Thursday evening and we're all invited. 

Date Claimers 

Now that Wendy has found her glasses (ere they ever lost?) we have an updated date claimer list..
  • 30th April  (Friday)   Closing Date for Passport Club’s photo competition for school students  (details on club runner)
  • 30th April – 2nd May  (Friday – Sunday)    Noosa Daybreak Book Fest Daily 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Noosa leisure Centre, Wallace Drive, Noosaville.
  • 12th May  (Wednesday)   RUSCCF Combined meeting (Flyer attached)        Bookings Close 1st May
  • 16th – 21st May  (Sunday – Friday)   Tournament
  • Make up Dinner (Club meeting)  20thMay (Thursday)  
  • AGFR Bookings close 30th April
  • 27th June  (Sunday)    Solstice Swim
  • 30th June  (Wednesday)  Changeover night    Partner’s Night

Board Meeting 

Alex Rotary board meeting is on Tuesday between 5 - 7 pm and all members are invited to join by ZOOM. We'll be discussing the wash up from the Gala Dinner, progress on the 100th Anniversary monument, Helping out Maroochy with the AGFR Golf tournament, Youth programs and support for leaders at RYLA and NYSF invitations to schools, preparations for our Solstice Swim, Rotary / USC Community Fund and general Rotary club business. 

Casey's Yard

There will be a second working bee in a few weeks time to help refurbish the front yard. Stay tuned. Date TBA. 

Solstice Swim Promotion

A big thank you to the supporters thus far, Bob Lane, Scott Brimelow, Stuart and Brad from BFX, Anthony Miller, Mooloolaba Rotary, Mooloolaba Yacht Club and everyone who's helping out with our Solstice Swim to raise funds for SalTy Souls.
Registrations are now open, and the team are looking for gifts to raffle, volunteers to help, and more of those all important sponsors. Especially for trophies and swim bags.
Plans are underway to give SalTy Souls a firmer base on the coast, and so we'd like to raise enough funds to buy a shipping container or two to place in the THRIVE complex (thanks Mal and Noel) and give Kerry and Tamara back their garage and home and create a small precinct for SalTy Souls to do they incredible work from.

AGFR Golf Competition will soon be here !

We're all looking forward to the Australian Golf week with Rotarians visiting the Sunshine Coast in May. Check it out here. Alex will be helping Jeanne and Maroochydore make this week a big success..