Two Wendy's and and emotional evening for one
Last Wednesday nights dinner what notable, not just for the alliteration (W's and S's) but for a surprise award of (another) OHF to our club President Wendy Gilson. And it was especially memorable as Wendys daughter and granddaughter were there to see it.
Although we were rather constricted with COVID regulations it was great to share a meal with our Satellite Club and new District Governor Wendy Protheroe. 
Here's some more photos' of the night...starting with Wendy awards....
Anna Mayr, from Satellite Club also gets a did human dynamo Steve and a certain scribe..
Wendy with the club jewels..
Now is that everything???? asks Wendy P
 Oh yes, nearly forgot, a special thanks to the staff at Alex SLSC for a great meal and service.